IELP Volunteer Passport

IELP Volunteer Passport


Use this passport to show what volunteer activities you did with Brock and in the Niagara community.

How to use your Passport
There are 2 sections in your passport:
  • Use Section 1 for volunteering with Brock.
  • Use Section 2 for volunteering with the community outside of Brock.
Write the name of the event/organization, the date, the number of hours you volunteered, and the organizer’s name, email, and signature.
Signatures can be from ESL staff or Brock staff organizing the activity, or the activity organizer that you are working with.


At the end of the term volunteers will be given a certificate for each of the volunteer activities that volunteered for. 

Make sure you write each time you volunteer and keep the passport safe!
Responsibility of the Student
  1. To put all of the volunteer activities in your passport.
  2. Keep the passport safe. ESL Services cannot find this information from lost passports.
  3. Hand in the passport on time to the International Centre Information Desk. Winter 2014 Volunteer Passports are due by April 14th, 2014 in order to receive your certificate(s).

If you have any questions, please contact

IELP Volunteer Passport
IELP Volunteer Passport

Pick up your IELP Volunteer Passport today at the Reception Desk (International Centre 2nd floor)! Below is an example of how to fill in the volunteer passport: