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Brock Homestay Program

You will be living with an English-speaking family. This will give you an opportunity to practice your English while learning about Canadian lifestyle and culture. Our Brock Homestay families all live on a bus route to school. The homes are inspected and approved by the Housing Coordinator. Your Homestay family will include you in their family activities. Your family will help you to adjust to Canadian culture and customs. Our Housing Coordinator will be able to assist you whenever you have questions or if you just want to talk about your Homestay.

Please note that Homestay is a commitment for the length of the term and you must notify the Homestay Office at least one month prior to your planned arrival if you wish to be considered for Homestay placement.

The Homestay deposit is refundable, minus a $100.00 administration fee only if the cancellation is made one month prior to session start date. After this time the deposit is not refundable.

*Homestay is available only to students registered in an ESL Services program until 6 weeks prior to the session start date. Applications by International students not registered in an ESL Services program will not be considered before this time and are subject to a $150.00 placement fee.

What to expect from the Homestay Family

Our Homestay families vary in size, age and ethnic background. Although some of our Homestay families consist of the traditional family (mom, dad and children), it is common for a Homestay family to be a single parent with children, a single person (young or older) or a couple. Within the family unit you will find that most work outside of the home and have a very busy lifestyle. You will find some differences both personal and cultural between you and the Homestay family, however, with patience and understanding these differences will seem minimal in a short time after your arrival. Remember, you are choosing to study in a new country and to learn about a different way of life - enjoy the differences!

Each bedroom will be equipped with a bed (including linens), dresser, and will have a window. You will have access to a desk or table area for study purposes.

Location & Transportation
All Homestay families live on or near a bus route. For more information on using public transportation to get to the university, please visit Brock University's Parking Services website on alternative transportation.

Meals or No Meals
You have the choice of Homestay with meals or without meals. Eating your meals with the family is a great way to practice your English and make new friends. Homestay without meals means that you will need to buy and cook all of your food. The family will let you use their kitchen.

About Our Families
We will send you a detailed profile about your family at least 3 weeks before you start our program (time allowing).

Safety & Problems
All Homestay families have been interviewed by the Housing Coordinator; however, if you should have any difficulties when you arrive, please speak with her.

What Else Does Homestay Include?
As part of a new family, you will be able to use any of the rooms (except family members' bedrooms) and facilities your family's home has to offer. Some families may have a home computer, TV/VCR, piano, or even a swimming pool. Basic internet is included in Homestay.

What is Not Included in Homestay?
You should bring your own toiletries (shampoo, razors, etc.) Homestay families are not responsible for your transportation.