Graduate Studies: Master of Sustainability (MS)

Graduate Studies: Master of Sustainability (MS)

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Human activities are shaping the Earth. Addressing the interactions between social and ecological systems requires new perspectives and academic approaches. The Sustainability Science and Society (SSAS) graduate program aims to facilitate society’s transition towards sustainability. The transdisciplinary focus of the program breaks down traditional barriers between disciplines, encouraging the cross pollination of ideas that will generate novel solutions and new opportunities in a dynamic and complex world. 

This graduate program consists of two learning paths. The Master of Sustainability, Co-op (Scheme A) for those students wishing to enrich classroom learning with practical experience. Alternatively students desiring an intensive research experience will pursue a Master of Sustainability (Scheme B). Both paths include common foundational courses that are offered in the first two terms of study.

Our Faculty comes from diverse disciplines and units at Brock University who share a common interest in environmental sustainability. Brock University is located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – a site seeking to reconcile social, economic and biophysical challenges confronting societies around the globe.


Message from the Director

"Our graduate program offers a dynamic learning situation where students and faculty cross conventional disciplinary boundaries to study environmental sustainability and engage in cutting-edge research. Students are prepared for professional careers as well as further education through a combination of classroom learning, problem solving, practical application and intensive research experiences. Enriching opportunities abound as the Sustainability Science and Society program is housed within the vibrant ESRC."

- Ryan Plummer