Year 1 courses

ENGL 1F91, English Literature: Tradition and Innovation

This course looks at historical developments in the literature of Britain. You will read major texts by a number of the established canonical writers in the British tradition, and, to a degree which may vary among the Sections of the course, a selection of texts which give you context for the major writers, or are by writers who are significant but not as well known. This course is recommended for English majors and for Humanities majors generally, but will be of interest to anyone.

ENGL 1F95, English Literature: Forms, Themes and Approaches

This course looks at various genres of literature (fiction, different kinds of poetry, drama, film, using texts drawn mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries, and it looks at the way in which literature addresses themes of enduring and urgent interest such as the nature of evil, and constructions of love. This is a good course to take if you enjoy literature but prefer to read works that are reasonably modern.

ENGL 1F97, Literature of Trauma and Recovery

This course addresses the way literature informs us of and illumines the traumas that history, nature, chance and evil bring to us, and the ways in which literature can function to help us deal with the challenges of our human situation. While this course might be of particular interest to students in the Health Sciences and students who have an interest in dealing with human trauma, it is relevant to anyone.

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