ENGL 4V46  Virginia Woolf
2008-2009 FW D3
Professor John Lye

Updated December 12 2008

Calendar Description:  Selected writings: essays, diaries, major novels.

Texts:    -- All by Virginia
Woolf   image of Virginia Woold  -- Updated December 12 2008 

Selected Essays 
Oxford University Press (Oxford World's Classics)
ISBN - 9780199212811

A Moment's Liberty: The Shorter Diary  Lester & Orpen Dennys 978-0-88619-332-4
ISBN - 9780156619127

The Voyage Out    Harvest/HBJ
ISBN - 9780156028059

The Mrs Dalloway Reader  Harcourt
ISBN -  9780156030151

A Room of One's Own   Harvest Books (HBJ) paperback version
ISBN - 9780151787333
OR   Penguin, bound with Three Guineas 
ISBN: 0-14-118460-4
ISBN13: 978-0-14-118460-9

Sorry for the difficulties with this book.  I had not realized that the hardcover that the Book Store had in has no critical apparatus at all;  I was off work with surgery and had not checked this particular version of the publisher's text personally, I regret to say.   The critical appartus of the Harvest Books paper edition was the reason I had selected that text.  It is still available through Chapters and Amazon Canada.  I will have the text posted on the course Sakai site which will give the pagination of both the Harvest paperback and the Penguin version. 

To the Lighthouse     Annotated and introduced by Mark Hussey  Harcourt
ISBN -  9780156030472

Between the Acts    Annotated by Melba Cuddy-Keene   Harcourt
ISBN - 9780156034739