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2011-2012 Select Publications

Collaborative Faculty of Education Publications

Shelley Griffin & Rodger Beatty

Griffin, S. & Beatty, R. (Equal Authorship) (2012). Hitting the trail running: Roadmaps and reflections on informal faculty mentorship experiences. In M. S. Barrett and S. L Stauffer (Eds.) Narrative Soundings: An anthology of narrative inquiry in music education. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer. ISBN 978-94-007-0698-9

Nancy Taber & Vera Woloshyn

Taber, N. & Woloshyn, V. (2011). Exceptionalities, gender, and power: Issues of inclusion in children’s award-winning literature. Gender and Education, 23(7), 889-902.

Taber, N. & Woloshyn, V. (2011). Dumb dorky girls and wimpy boys: Gendered themes in diary cartoon novels. Children’s Literature in Education, 42(3), 226-242.

Louise Volante & Lorenzo Cherubini

Volante, L. &Cherubini, L. (2011). “The challenges school administrators face in building assessment literacy.” Assessment Matters, 3, pp. 161-182.

Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker, Tiffany Gallagher & Shelley Griffin

Ciuffetelli Parker, D., Gallagher, T., & Griffin, S. M. (2011). “Multiple layers of leadership in professional learning communities: An essay review.” Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, 19(4), pp. 503–522.

Lorenzo Cherubini & Louis Volante

Cherubini, L., & Volante, L. (2011). Teachers and administrators’ perceptions of student assessment as a component of the New Teacher Induction Program. Journal of the International Society for Teacher Education, 15(2), 6-13.

Lorenzo Cherubini & Julian Kitchen

Cherubini, L., Kitchen, J., Goldblatt, P., & Smith, D. (2011). Broadening landscapes and affirming professional capacity: A metacognitive approach to teacher induction. The Professional Educator, 35(1), 15 p.

Julian Kitchen & Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker

Kitchen, J., Ciuffetelli Parker, D. & Pushor, D. (Eds.). (2011). Narrative inquiries into curriculum making in teacher education. Emerald Publishing, UK.

Tiffany Gallagher, Shelley Griffin, Darlene Ciuffetelli, Julian Kitchen & Candace Figg

Gallagher, T., Griffin, S., Ciuffetelli Parker, D., Kitchen, J., & Figg, C. (2011). Establishing and sustaining teacher educator professional development in a self-study community of practice: Pre-tenure teacher educators developing professionally. Teaching and Teacher Education, 27(5), 880–890. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/0742051X/27/5

Xavier Fazio & Louis Volante

Fazio, X., & Volante, L. (2011). Pre-service science teachers’ perceptions of their practicum classrooms. The Teacher Educator, 46, 126-144.

Candace Figg & Kamini Jaipal 

Figg, C., & Jaipal K. (2011). Collaborative action research approached promoting professional development for elementary school teachers, Educational Action Research, 19 (1).

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Faculty Member Publications

Sheila Bennett

Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. $994,600, 2012-2015. Implementation and
evaluation of Partnering for Change, an innovative model that will transform health service provision for school-aged children with developmental coordination disorder. Missiuna, C. (PI), Pollock, N., Bennett, S., Camden, C., Campbell, W., McCauley, D., Gaines, R., Cairney, J.

Lorenzo Cherubini

Cherubini, L. (2011). Projecting Self and Actualizing Teaching: Prospective Teacher Consciousness. Welland, ON: Soleil Publishing. ISBN: 978-1894935586

Cherubini, L. (2011). Variation in form: The agency in behavioral and social science research. American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences Journal, 15, 1-6.

Cherubini, L. (2011). Encouraging purposeful disruption: School leadership and Aboriginal educational policy. Principal Matters: Journal for Secondary School Leaders in Australia, 86, 34-36.

Cherubini, L., & Gogmerac, A. (2011). From experience to expertise: Professional development through collaborative inquiry. Teaching and Learning, 6(1), 28-40.

Cherubini, L., & Hodson, J. (2011). "Heightening awareness and strengthening relationships: Implications of public policy for Aboriginal students, communities and teachers." In J. Reyhner, W.S. Gilbert & L. Lockard (Eds.), Honoring our Heritage: Culturally Appropriate Approaches for Teaching Indigenous Students. Flagstaff, Arizona: Northern Arizona University Press, pp.173-195.

Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker

Ciuffetelli Parker, D. & Flessa, J. (2011). Poverty and schools in Ontario: How seven elementary schools are working to improve education. Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario. Toronto, ON.

Ciuffetelli Parker, D. (2011). Related literacy narratives: Letters as a narrative inquiry method in teacher education. In J. Kitchen, D. Ciuffetelli Parker, & D. Pushor (Eds.), Narrative inquiries into curriculum making in teacher education. pp 131-149. Emerald Publishing, UK.

Ciuffetelli Parker, D., Kitchen, J., & Pushor, D. (2011). Narrative inquiry, curriculum making, and teacher education. In J. Kitchen, D. Ciuffetelli Parker, & D. Pushor (Eds.), Narrative inquiries into curriculum making in teacher education. pp. 3-18. Emerald Publishing, UK.

Pushor, D., Kitchen, J., & Ciuffetelli Parker, D. (2011). Turning points: reflections on the autumn leaves. In J. Kitchen, D. Ciuffetelli Parker, & D. Pushor (Eds.), Narrative inquiries into curriculum making in teacher education. pp. 279-292. Emerald Publishing, UK

Shelley Griffin

Griffin, S. M. (2011). Tip-toeing past the fear: Becoming a music educator by attending to personal music experiences. In J. Kitchen, D. Ciuffetelli Parker, & D. Pushor (Eds.), Narrative inquiries into curriculum-making in teacher education (pp. 169–192). Bingley, UK: Emerald Books.

Griffin, S. M. (2011). Through the eyes of children: Telling insights into music experiences. Visions of Research in Music Education, Vol 19., http://users.rider.edu/~vrme/

Griffin, S. M. (2011). The social justice behind children’s tales of in- and out-of-school music experiences. Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education, 188, 77–92. http://bcrme.press.illinois.edu/188/index.html

Chunlei Lu

Lu, C., & Lodewyk, K. (2012). The Physical Education Profession in Canada. Journal of Physical Education & Health. 1(1), 15-22. Full text: http://jpe-health.pwsz.raciborz.edu.pl/pliki/downloads/vol1/a2.pdf

Lu, C., & McLean, C. (2011). Health education curricula in Canada: A critical analysis. Physical & Health Education Nexus (PHEnex) Journal, 3(2), 1-20. Full text [online]: http://ojs.acadiau.ca/index.php/phenex/article/view/1404/1202

Lu, C. (2011). How China plays the games: A cultural perspective on sports in China. Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, 2, 1-17. Full text [online]: http://www.sportstudies.org/index.html

Michelle McGinn

Shields, C., & McGinn, M. K. (2011). The erosion of academic troth: Disengagement and loss. Teaching in Higher Education, 16, 451–462.

Roth, W.-M., & McGinn, M. K. (2011). Inscriptions: Toward a theory of representing as social practice. In L. Prior (Ed.), Using documents and records in social research (Vol. 2, pp. 307–333). London, UK: Sage. (Original work published 1998)

Lu, C., McGinn, M. K., & Sylvestre, J. (2011). Chinese-Canadians' perspectives on health. Knowledge Translation summary research report submitted to the Sport Information Resource Centre and Sport Canada.

Debra McLauchlan

McLauchlan, D. (2011). What makes a great high school drama teacher? In S. Schonmann (Ed.). Key concepts in drama/theatre education (pp. 39-46). Boston, MASS: Sense Publishers. 

Coral Mitchell

Mitchell, C., & Sackney, L. (2011). Profound improvement: Building learning-community capacity from living systems principles (2nd ed.) London, UK: Taylor & Francis.

Mitchell, C., & Sackney, L. (2011). Building and leading within learning ecologies. In J. MacBeath & T. Townsend (Eds.), International Handbook on Leadership for Learning (pp. 975-990). London, UK: Springer. 

Meyer, M., & Mitchell, C. (2011). Contexts and discourses of social justice: An administrative challenge. Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations, 21(1).

Lissa Paul

Nel, P. & Paul, L., (2011). ed. Keywords for Children's Literature. New York: New York University Press.

Jennifer Rowsell

Schamroth-Abrams, S. & Rowsell, J. (Eds.) (Aug. 2011). Rethinking Identity and Literacy Education in the 21st Century. National Society for the Study of Education. The 110th Yearbook. New York: Teachers College Press.

Grenfell, M., Boome, D., Hardy, C., Pahl, K., Rowsell, J. & Street, B (Sept. 2011). Language, Ethnography, and Education: Bridging New Literacy Studies and Bourdieu. New York: Routledge.

Nancy Taber

Taber, N. (2012). Beginning with the self to critique the social: Critical researchers as whole beings. In L. Naidoo (Ed.), An ethnography of global landscapes and corridors (pp. 73-88). Rijeka, Croatia: InTech Publishing.

Taber, N. (2011). Ruling relations, warring, and mothering: Writing the social from the everyday life of a military mother. Saarbrucken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.

Taber, N. (2011). “You better not get pregnant while you’re here”: Tensions between masculinities and femininities in military communities of practice. International Journal of Lifelong Education, 30(3), 331-348.

Taber, N. (2011). Social care in adult education: Resisting a marketplace agenda. Adult Education Quarterly, 61(4), 376-393.

Peter Vietgen

Peter A. Vietgen & Shirley Madill (Co-curators) , Edward Burtynsky - Burtynksy Factories, Photography Exhibition, Dec. 4 - Mar. 6, 2011. Rodman Hall Art Centre, Brock University, ON.

Louis Volante

Volante, L., & Beckett, D. (2011). Formative assessment and the contemporary classroom: Synergies and tensions between research and practice. Canadian Journal of Education, 34(2), 239-255.

Earl, L., Volante, L., & Katz, S. (2011). Unleashing the promise of assessment for learning. Education Canada, 51(3), 17-20.

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