Professional Masters Preparation Certificate Program (PMPCP/Ed)

Faculty of Education

Professional Masters Preparation Certificate Program (PMPCP/Ed)


The PMPCP/Ed is offered by the Faculty of Education, Brock University as a full-time undergraduate certificate program to international students. The program prepares international students for master level study in North America with the following objectives:
  • To develop a cultural understanding of teaching and learning in North America
  • To develop the necessary English oral and written language skills for effective communication, presentations and interactions in a Canadian post-secondary academic environment
  • To develop critical thinking and analytical skills required for graduate studies
  • To develop advanced academic writing skills
  • To develop an appreciation for the collaborative pedagogy of graduate studies
  • To develop culturally relevant group problem-solving and teamwork skills
  • To develop required confidence for full participation in classroom interactions
  • To develop an academic profile and statement of research interest for further studies
The PMPCP/Ed is one of a few programs of its kind in Canada. The PMPCP/Ed offers students an enriched approach in education, with specialized course requirements and English language training, in preparation for master level study.




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