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Admission Information

The minimum academic requirement for admission to the PhD program is successful completion of a Master of Education or a Masters degree in a cognate discipline, normally with an A standing.

Applicants must provide evidence of research competence normally demonstrated by a master's thesis. Students who have not completed a thesis must submit evidence of equivalent research capability. Applicants must submit a description of their proposed area of research (approximately 2-3 typed pages).

English is the primary language of communication and instruction in the program. Applicants from other countries who have not completed a degree at a university where the primary language of instruction is English must pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 600 (250 computer-based) or an equivalent demonstration of proficiency.

Candidates who are working on the degree at a distance from the home university must purchase the software and access to the internet which will enable them to participate fully in the required courses.

Admission With Advanced Standing
Students may receive advance credit for a maximum of one-half course specialization elective at the graduate level provided that this course has not been credited to a degree or certificate already awarded, is relevant to the proposed area of study and has been taken within three years of admission. Requests for advanced credit must be declared prior to admission. No substitution may be made for Core Seminars I and II or the joint specialization elective via distance.

Program Requirements
PhD students are expected to complete the following course requirements: both core seminars (2 full-course credits), a Joint PhD specialization elective via distance (one half-course credit), a specialization elective (one half-course credit) and a research proposal colloquium via distance (one half-course credit). Students must also complete a comprehensive portfolio (1½ course credit) as well as the PhD dissertation (5 full-course credits).

Academic Regulations
Doctoral candidates must be familiar with the academic regulations governing graduate studies at the home university.

a) Course Requirements
Candidates may meet the requirement for a specialization elective in the field through a graduate level course offered at any of the participating institutions.

b) Comprehensive Portfolio
The portfolio requires doctoral candidates to demonstrate their potential as scholars through the satisfactory completion of authentic tasks. The criteria used by the dissertation supervisory committee to set tasks and assess a candidate's performance are:

    * an understanding of the concepts, theories and issues in the field of study
    * a knowledge of current literature and research methods in the field of study
    * the ability to analyse and synthesize current literature on a specific problem within the field of study
    * an understanding of and ability to critique research in the field of study and research paradigms.

c) The tasks candidates are expected to complete include the dissertation research proposal and three other tasks. Candidates must defend their portfolios.

The candidate's defence will be evaluated by the dissertation supervisory committee and at least one other member of the core faculty selected by the Program Director. Candidates are required to present their completed portfolio to an audience in a forum such as the Core Seminar.
Candidates may not begin their dissertation research until the portfolio requirements have been completed successfully.

d) Dissertation
The dissertation supervisory committee will involve faculty from at least two participating universities, including whenever possible and reasonable, a member from the university closest to the candidate's home to serve as co-supervisor in cases where the supervisor is at some distance. The regulations and procedures governing the preparation of theses and conduct of examinations will be those of the supervisor's university.

e) Residency Requirement
Candidates must meet a minimum residency of four terms. Two terms of residency may be fulfilled by completion of the Core Seminars I and II. The other two terms of residency must be consecutive. It is strongly recommended that candidates complete two of the terms of residency after they have defended their comprehensive portfolio and are authorized to commence their doctoral research. Credit for residency may be given, with the approval of the Program Committee and the home university, for research carried out off-campus.
Candidates are required to maintain continuous registration. They shall complete the requirements for the degree within a minimum of three years and a maximum of six years.
Recommendations for a time extension or leave of absence are subject to the regulations and procedures at the home university and must be approved in advance by the supervisor and the Joint Program Committee.

For more information visit the official Joint PhD Program website.


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