Program Description

Faculty of Education

Program Description

Fields of Specialization

Social and Cultural Contexts of Education
This field of specialization engages in a critical exploration of ideological, sociological, and literary influences on local and global educational experiences, curriculum, and pedagogical practices.

Teaching, Learning, and Development
This field of specialization considers educational and discipline-related theories and practices related to the cognitive, social, emotional, psychological, and behavioural development of learners across the lifespan.

Administration and Leadership in Education
This field of specialization engages students in a critical examination of theories that influence administrative practice with the aim of understanding, creating, and sustaining ethical and humane educational institutions and developing an informed administrative identity.

Program Pathways

  • Course Pathway (9 courses + EDUC 5Q97)
  • Research Pathway & Major Research Paper (7 courses + EDUC 5Q91)
  • Thesis (5 courses + EDUC 5F95)

By January 30, full-time rearch students must complete an application form to complete either a Research (Major Research Paper) Pathway or a Research (Thesis) Pathway.