Admission Information

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Admission Information

*2014 Start Date*
Classes begin September 3, 2014. There is no winter or spring/summer start date. Registered students may take a summer course with permission of the Department Chair.


Admission Requirements

Successful completion of an Honours Bachelor's degree, or equivalent, in any discipline with an overall average of 75%. Successful teaching or other professional experience is considered an asset.

International Students applying to the Domestic Master of Education Program must have a Grade Point Average of 75% Brock equivalent and a Language Proficiency Score of IELTS of 7, no section under 6; TOEFL 88, no section under 20.

The Graduate Admissions Committee will review all applications and recommend admission for a limited number of suitable candidates. Part-time study is available.

Admission Information

Full or Part-time Study
Part-time students may register in up to 2 courses per term. Full-time students may register in up to 4 courses per term.

Courses consist of twelve 3-hr seminars. Fall and Winter classes are held weekly. Spring and Summer classes are held twice weekly. A limited number of 6-hr Saturday sessions are offered, as well as ‘blended’ courses (a combination of face-to-face and on-line). Note: spring/summer is one term.

St. Catharines Campus
Hamilton Campus
Skills Training Centre, Oakville (part of Sheridan College)

The required introductory courses are only offered at the St. Catharines and Oakville campuses. All full-time students in the Research Pathway must take the introductory course in St. Catharines. There are fewer courses offered each term in Hamilton.

Three Fields of Specialization

A student's application must indicate a 1st and 2nd choice from:

  • Administration and Leadership in Education
  • Social and Cultural Contexts in Education
  • Teaching, Learning, and Development

For more information on the Three Fields of Specialization, visit the Program Description page.

Program Pathways

  • Course Pathway (9 courses + EDUC 5Q97)
  • Research Pathway & Major Research Paper (7 courses + EDUC 5Q91)
  • Thesis (5 courses + EDUC 5F95)

By January 30th, full-time rearch students must complete an application form to complete either a Research (Major Research Paper) Pathway or a Research (Thesis) Pathway.

Time to Completion
Full-time students in the thesis pathway are funded for 6 terms; Full-time students in the Major Research Paper (MRP) Pathway are funded for 4 terms.

Visit the Brock Course Calendar.

Tuition fees are calculated differently for the Course and Research Pathways. Students in the Course Pathway pay per course. Students in the Research Pathway pay per semester.

  • Finance (NB: International tuition differences)

Admission Deadline
February 15, 2014 is the deadline for the first round of admissions. Funding for full-time research students is limited. We accept applications into the summer if space permits.

Applications and Admission Requirements
A 4-year honours degree (or equivalent) with a grade point average of 75% (Brock equivalent) is calculated based on the last 2 years of undergraduate degree. Professional experience is an asset.

Language Proficiency Score: IELTS 7, no section under 6 and TOEFL 88, no section under 88.

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Administrative Coordinator
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Please visit the Graduate Studies website to view the application procedure or Apply Online.