Program Description

Faculty of Education

Program Description

Master of Education is the degree conferred upon completion of the Program.

Students work closely with designated faculty members and with language support assistants to develop research focus areas related to particular academic interests with an explicit connection to educational administration, educational leadership, and educational change.

Degree Requirements

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The MEd ISP consists of a series of required 10 half-credits. In addition, students must complete EDUC 5N99 (non-credit seminar) successfully.
Required Courses

Term 1 (Summer)

EDUC 5N99: Graduate Seminar in Education
A non-credit graduate seminar that focuses on issues in graduate studies and educational research student's encounter while developing their programs of study and preparing their proposals, projects and theses.Note: This course is a required course for all full-time students.

EDUC 5P99: Introduction to Studies in Education
Education as a field of study and multiple ways of knowing. Review of current educational theories, trends, and issues. Provides a foundation for research literacy.

Term 2 (Fall)

EDUC 5P60: Constructions of Organization
Analysis of organizational theories as they relate to educational institutions. Emphasis on how people shape and are shaped by organizations and how reciprocal processes affect administrative and professional practice.

EDUC 5P73: Challenges of Educational Leadership
Exploration of purposes and assumptions of leadership in educational contexts. Examining tensions and connections between leadership and management in administrative and professional practice.

EDUC 5P92: An Introduction to Educational Research
Interdisciplinary analysis of research methods used in education with an emphasis on basic research concepts and their application. Note: this is a required course for all students; failure to obtain a minimum grade of 70% in this course could result in withdrawal from the program.

EDUC 5Q96: Field Experience
A one-semester field experience for the International Student Program. Students visit elementary and secondary schools to observe school practices and to reflect on coursework theories and concepts.

Term 3 (Winter)

EDUC 5P21: Comparative and International Education
Cross-disciplinary study of international and intercultural issues in social context. Exploration of the implications for curriculum and pedagogical strategies in associated areas including Multicultural, Comparative, Global and Development Education.

EDUC 5P62 Politics, Power, and Policy in Education
Examination of policymaking as a political process. Focus on the actors who negotiate educational policy and their conflicting and shared interests.

EDUC 5P72 Effecting Change in Education
Analysis of mandated and emergent change in educational institutions. Focus on developing informed responses that balance stability and change for sustainable improvement.

Term 4 (Spring/Summer)

EDUC 5P85: Reflective Practice
Exploration of the notions of reflective practice and reflective scholarship, including self-study narratives and practical action research. Personal forms of inquiry involve reflection in, on, for, and about practice.

EDUC 5Q97: Culminating Seminar in Educational Studies
Culminating seminar integrating theory and accumulated knowledge related to fields of specialization and to practice. Exit paper must be approved by course instructor.


International Students


Social media for researchers workshop
January 27, 2016 - 1:00pm - 2:30pm
SSHRC Insight Development Grant Writing Workshops
January 11, 2016 - 9:00am - January 14, 2016 - 12:00pm
PhD in Education Portfolio Defence - Owen Webb
January 7, 2016 - 10:00am - 12:00pm