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  1. What is the focus of the Master of Education ISP?
  2. How many students are in each class?
  3. How many hours per week will I be in the classroom?
  4. Will we have opportunities to interact with Canadian students?
  5. What kind of social and academic activities are available for the MEd ISP students?
  6. What countries are the students from?
  7. What isthe MEd ISP candidate profile?
  8. How do I apply to the MEd ISP at Brock University?
  9. May I apply to the MEd ISP without the TOEFL or IELTS score?
  10. I am still a 4th year university student, can I apply now or do I have to wait until I graduate?
  11. When is the deadline to apply for the MEd ISP program?
  12. May I apply for January admission?
  13. Is a certan undergraduate degree required for application?
  14. How long will it take to process my application?
  15. Do I need my Letter of Admission to register?
  16. May I email my application?
  17. What are the academic strengths of Brock University and its reputation?
  18. Will I be able to use the athletic facilities at Brock?
  19. Will I have access to the library?
  20. May I use the computers at Brock?
  21. Will I have internet access at Brock University?
  22. Where can I see a map of the university campus?
  23. Does the university provide home stay service?
  24. What is the cost of tuition?
  25. Do I need to purchase any textbooks?
  26. How much are the living expenses?
  27. Does Brock offer financial aid?
  28. How can I pay for my courses?
  29. When should I pay the tuition fees in full?
  30. Is local transportation included in the tuition fee?
  31. If I do not receive my student visa, can I receive a refund?
  32. Do I need to purchase health insurance? 
  33. May I work in Canada while I attend school?
  34. Do I need a student visa?
  35. May I drive in Canada?
  36. Is the Brock Campus Safe? 
  37. Will I be able to participate in a field experience?
The Master of Education International Student Program (MED ISP) is designed for international students who have completed undergraduate degrees and who wish to pursue graduate studies in professional programs in North America.
Normally, class size is capped at 20 students to provide opportunities to interact with the professor and other classmates.
You have a total of 10 courses throughout the program. You will receive 36 instructional hours for each course. In addition to the instructional hours, you also have extra after-class readings and assignments.
The Med ISP encourages you to interact with other Master of Education domestic students.  The program also enhances such integration by having Faculty guest speakers and organizing social events. 

There is a reception at the commencement of the program and a lunch at the end of each semester. There are also activities such as school visits and Thanksgiving, Halloween and other Canadian holidays, where you will learn about Canadian education, culture and history. There are many opportunities for students to enjoy the state-of-art sports facilities and to participate in activities with graduate students.
The majority of students currently in the program are from Asia and the Middle East. However, the program is open to all nations.
All candidates in the program are mature students and intend to achieve high standards of academic excellence. The candidates are dedicated to their studies.
Now, you can apply to the MEd ISP online. Students from China should contact our agency there called CanZhong (more information is available on this website).
Yes, as long as your final score is uploaded before the deadline. If you do not yet have the scores required, you may consider our Master Preparation Certificate in Education, which has a score requirement of IELTS 5.0 or iBT 61.
You may apply now with your up-to-date transcript and a school letter certifying that you are a 4th year university student. You may get a conditional offer of admission from Brock University but you must submit a notarized certificate of the bachelor’s degree and a notarized transcript before you can register at Brock University.
We have an intake class only in July of each year for this program. The deadline for application as an international student is March 1st of each year. However, early applications are encouraged.
No. The Med ISP has only one intake, July each year.
No. All academic disciplines of studies are welcome to apply.
All completed applications will be reviewed in March, and offers of admission will be made in April. Some candidates may be put on a waitlist.
Yes. You need your letter of admission or a copy of it for registration.
Yes. You can first email your application (preferred in PDF format) for evaluation purposes. You must mail your original documents to us in order to be considered for admission.
The University offers strong undergraduate, graduate and interdisciplinary degree programs that include co-op and other experiential learning opportunities to a student population of more than 18,000.
Brock University graduates continue to enjoy one of the highest employment rates of all Ontario universities at 96.5%. 
Brock students can expect the close, personal attention of a dedicated faculty and the opportunity to explore their academic interests through participation in seminars and labs. 
The Department of Recreation Services operates the facilities in the Walker Complex, including 3 gymnasia, a recreational 200m track, and squash courts, the Zone fitness centre, the Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre (50 m pool) and the Leo LeBlanc Rowing Centre. Outdoors, there are 4 tennis courts and 7 playing fields. Memberships to the various facilities are available to Brock students, staff, faculty, and community members.Non-credit instructional programs offered to Brock students, staff, faculty and the community include aquatics, fitness, dance, coaching, wellness, and first aid, Pilates, children's gym programs and much more! Intramural Sport programs for Brock University students include over 60 leagues and involve over 6100 participants. 
Your registration in the MEd ISP includes a library membership at Brock University and entitles you to all the privileges from borrowing books, audio and visual resources to research materials. You can also use the computer facilities at the library.
You may access to Brock’s wireless internet service using your own laptop computer anywhere on campus or choose to use any computer labs situated across Brock campus. Every Brock student has a unique logon ID for accessing the Brock computing network.
All Brock University Students are entitled to an e-mail account, commonly known as a “Badger account". This account is separate from your computer lab accounts. Brock has several computer lab facilities and you, as a student, have access to these labs. In our computer labs, you have access to printing, scanning, and numerous software applications. The following link should help you get started with creating your accounts, logging in, changing passwords, and other things related to your Badger and computer lab accounts- ITS.
You may click on the following link to see Brock’s map of campus layout. The following link takes to the Faculty of Education building - ROBERT S.K. WELCH HALL  where many of your classes are held. Many education students often use the Instructional Resources Centre (IRC) housed in this building to conduct research.
Yes. Please follow the link to learn more about how you can acquire the service and any other home stay related information.We recommend that all Med ISP students find their own suitable home stay or apartment accommodation. If you are comfortable with arranging your own off-campus accommodation, Brock University's Off-Campus Housing Services is an informative site to visit.
The Med ISP fee includes 14 months of academic studies. Please refer to this website page for current fees.
 Textbooks are included as part of the tuition fees and are ordered for you each term.
How much are the living expenses?
The annual living expenses in Canada are estimated at approximately CAN $11,000, which includes food, rent, health insurance and transportation.
There is no financial aid available to the Med ISP program at Brock University.
You may pay your tuition fees by Western Union, bank draft or money order. All fees are payable to Brock University. You will receive instructions with your admission materials.
The full tuition fees are due before the commencement of the first class.
No. Local transportation is not included in your tuition fee. All full-time students will be charged to receive a U-pass. The U-pass is a sticker that will be placed on your student ID card. The U-pass gives you unlimited travel on city busses. More information here.
Yes. Please see our refund policy posted on our website.
Yes. The University Health Insurance Plan is mandatory for all international students.
UHIP is a form of insurance as efficient as standard Ontario health insurance.  You must present your card when the medical staff requests it.  If you have not received your card, you must provide your temporary documentation.  You must have proof of insurance with you at the time of medical attendance.
In the event that the service you seek is not covered by UHIP, you will have to pay for the service with your own finances and will not be reimbursed. 
UHIP covers the cost of hospital and medical services for non-resident students while in Canada.  Such services include hospitalization, doctor visits, and selected benefits, wheelchairs, and additional medical equipment.
Health insurance is mandatory in Ontario, regardless of your quality of health.  You must be prepared for unexpected illness or injury.
Visit the UHIP website to gain a proper understanding of how to utilize your insurance.
International Students can work off-campus part-time as long as they have been studying full-time at a recognized institution for a period of six months or greater in the past twelve months.  At Brock, students must be registered in three credits for the Fall/Winter semester to be recognized as full-time.  Courses taken during the spring or summer semesters do not apply.  Full-time employment can be considered during the summer months (May-August) and during the winter “reading week,” if desired.  If you obtain off-campus employment, you must maintain your full-time student status in order for your permit to remain valid.
For more information, please visit Brock University Office of International Services.
Yes. Immigration Canada requires a Visa for any visit that is longer than six-months in duration. The MEd ISP is a 14 month long program and you will need a Student Visa. Please consult with the Canadian Embassy or High Commission in your area for specific details.
If you wish to drive while in Canada, you will need a valid driver’s license. An international Driver’s License is valid for 60 days in Canada, after which you must apply for an Ontario driver’s license. If you intend to purchase or lease a car while in Canada, you will need to obtain a local driver’s license in order to be eligible for insurance, which is mandatory in Canada.  Check out the following web site for more detailed information. For more information on obtaining a Drivers License go to the MTO website.

NOTE: Use of Seat Belts
You and your passengers must wear seat belts at all times when you are driving in Canada. This is the law. You (and your passengers) will be fined for not wearing a seat belt. 
Although the campus and buildings are considered to be very safe you should always be aware of your own level of safety.  Make sure your door is locked and keep your valuables in a safe location.  It is important that you keep your Passport and all other immigration documentation in a safe location. Large amounts of money should be kept in a bank account.  Weapons of any sort are not permitted on-campus or in public by any person. 
Campus Security
Brock has a professional security staff always on duty.  You can call Campus Security for both general inquiries (x4300) and emergency situations (x3200). If you are in need of immediate attention, there are security phones located in and around campus. Simply press the button, wait for the officer to answer, and state your problem. Campus Security can pinpoint your location and provide immediate assistance.
Foot Patrol - Walk Safe Program
Foot Patrol is a volunteer service made available by BUSU, in cooperation with Campus Security Services. If you ever are in need of an escort to your car, or would like someone to walk you back to residence after a late night at Isaac's, Foot Patrol is available for you. Request for an escort can be made through Campus Security or through Foot Patrol directly (x4700). Foot Patrol is student-run and operated.

Will I be able to participate in a field experience? 

Yes, in the Master of Education ISP program you will have the opportunity to visit Canadian public schools as a field experience. We currently do not offer internships or co-ops in this program.

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