Adult Education Undergraduate Electives

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Adult Education Undergraduate Electives


Half-credit electives:
These half-credit courses are offered at a limited number of course venues. Courses may also be offered online. In order to view what is being offered in the current registration period visit the timetable.

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ADED 1P31 — Learning for Success

Introduction to self-management, goal setting, study skill and academic integrity, designed to develop the capacity for self-reflection about learning.

ADED 1P32 — Learning in Digital Contexts
Introduction to learning with contemporary media in digital university-level contexts.

ADED 1P33 — Scholarly Writing for Adult Learners
Writing fundamentals of grammar conventions, research skills, essay writing, editing skills and APA formatting.

ADED 2P22 — Gender Issues in Adult Learning
Significant themes influencing adult learners and related educational implications.

ADED 3P11 — Geragogy: Educating Older Adults
Psychological, sociological and philosophical issues surrounding older adult learning.

ADED 3P22 — Adult Learning Disabilities 

Best practices in support and accommodation of learning disabled adults. Topics include current research, signs, symptoms and gifts of learning disabilities, current legislation and impact in the academic and workplace environments.

ADED 3P31 — Intercultural Communication in Adult Education
Topics include cultural identity, communication variables and values, and culture as context for communication.

ADED 3P41 — Community Outreach and Adult Literacy
Introduction to community outreach in Canada. Community theories, definitions, principles, outreach relation, adult literacy and social advocacy. Outreach for empowering societal change and betterment.

ADED 4P91 — Power, Practice and Process in Learning 

Theoretical, pedagogical, curricular and practical issues of power dynamics and differentials in post-secondary and community outreach.

ADED 4P93 — Adult Education in the Global Context 

Examination of global social, economic and political contexts of adult education.

ADED 4P94 — Evaluating Learning 

Methods and strategies used to develop criteria to evaluate learning in academic, work, community and not-for-profit contexts.

ADED 4P95 — Evaluating Adult Education Programs 

Theoretical, ethical and methodological foundations of program evaluation relevant to social and adult educational programming.

ADED 4P96 — Introduction to Leadership Theory in Adult Learning 

Major theories, approaches, models and themes related to the study of organizational leadership.

ADED 4P97 — Application of Leadership Theory in Adult Learning 

Specific leadership skills relevant to authentic workplace situations.