Instructor Resources - Teacher Education

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Instructor Resources - Teacher Education

In addition to the resources listed below, instructors in the Department of Teacher Education are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Teacher Candidate web site which hosts important contact and program-related information, as well as downloads, including the:

  • Teacher Candidate Handbook
  • Academic Year Calendars
  • Beginning of Program Schedules
  • Professional Development Events Schedules
  • Brock Lesson Plan Templates
  • Concurrent and Consecutive BEd Degree Course List

Instructor Resources


Download the Notes for Instructors (pdf) which helps orient new and returning instructors to the teacher education program.

Download the Teacher Candidate Handbook which outlines the policies and procedures of the teacher education program.

Download the Concurrent Education Handbook (pdf) which provides a detailed overview of Brock University's concurrent education programs.

Download a handbook by 3M Scholar David DiBattista, Ph.D. Getting the Most out of Multiple Choice Questions (pdf).

Master Timetables

2013-2014 master timetables for each campus: Hamilton and St. Catharines (pdf).


Navigate to the website which hosts forms related to expense and travel reimbursement (e.g., visits to schools to supervise practice teaching). Mileage between each campus and partnership school is found in the following documents: Hamilton (pdf) Campus Schools and St. Catharines (pdf) Campus Schools.

For information about the Faculty of Education Award for Excellence in Sessional Teaching, open to instructors with two or more years of teaching at Brock, please link here.

Complete and submit the Honourarium/Occasional Teacher Coverage Form (doc.) to the Chair in order to request a guest speaker honourarium or occasional teacher supply coverage support.

Complete and submit the Notice of Off-campus Activity Form (doc.) to the Administrative Coordinator at the St. Catharines or Hamilton Campus at least two weeks prior to a field trip or off campus activity that is attached to a course.

Complete and submit the Part-time Instructor PD Fund Application Form (doc.) to a Part-time Coordinator (listed below) in order to request funds to support a PD opportunity.

Submit a Swipe Card Access Form to the Computer Services mailbox to gain access to the St. Catharines campus part-time instructors' office (WH128).

Please use the Program Committee Proposal Cover Sheet (doc.) to summarize and provide a rationale for your proposal to add, delete or change a course or program component in the Department of Teacher Education.  You may supplement this with a detailed proposal.


Administrative, Leadership, and Technical Support Contacts

Administrative personnel in the Department of Teacher Education are available on both the St. Catharines and Hamilton campuses to assist instructors with program-related queries.

The Leadership Roster (pdf) lists the leadership roles of academic and administrative personnel, including instructional team leaders.

Technical support personnel in the Faculty of Education are available on both the St. Catharines and Hamilton campuses to assist instructors with computer support issues.

Sessional  Coordinators

Sessional instructors are represented by three Sessional Coordinators on the Departmental Committee which governs the Department of Teacher Education. For the 2011 - 2012 academic year, the Sessional Coordinators are:


The Department of Teacher Education Policies and Procedures document outlines the policies the Department follows in relation to governance, staffing, and other departmental business.

Download the Department of Teacher Education Reporting Lines Organization Chart which provides a graphic overview of reporting lines within the Department of Teacher Education.

Navigate to the Faculty Handbook and Undergraduate Calendar which detail the academic policies and programs at Brock University.

Instructors need to be very cautious in protecting the privacy of teacher candidates and colleagues, especially in terms of the information that we share with others. Please familiarize yourself with Brock's privacy policy.  All employees in the Department of Teacher Education are encouraged to complete this online privacy workshop.

Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI)

A valuable resource for instructors at Brock University, the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI) offers workshops related to teaching and learning at the higher education level.