Dr. Sandra Bosacki

Faculty of Education

Dr. Sandra Bosacki

Professor (PhD)
Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education
Available for Graduate Advisement

Courses Taught

EDUC 5P37: Developmental and Educational Issues in Children and Adolescents
EDUC 5P47: Emotional Lives in the Classroom
EDUC 5P51: Holistic and Global Perspectives in Education
EDUC 5P55: Introduction to Educational Studies
EDUC 5P80: Introduction to Educational Inquiry
EDUC 5P92: An Introduction to Educational Research
EDUC 5P97: An Introduction to Integrated Studies
EDUC 5P93: Research Project
EDUC 5F95: Thesis Tutorial in Educational Studies
EDUC 5P98: Independent Study in Education
EDUC 5P96: Internship in Educational Issues

Research Interests

Emotional and sociocognitive development in children and adolescents; Theory of mind, self-esteem and social competence; School bullying/victimization experiences; Gendered self-concept/body image issues; Media literacy and popular culture; Spiritual and moral development; Risk-taking and resilience in youth; Play and humour in youth; Companion animals and human relationships


Bosacki, S. (2008). Children's emotional lives: Sensitive shadows in the classroom. New York: Peter Lang.

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Book Chapters

Varnish, A., & Bosacki, S. (2005). Autism. In E. M. Dowling and W. G. Scarlett (Eds.). Encyclopedia of Spiritual and Religious Development, pp. 25-26. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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Articles in Refereed Journals


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Book Reviews

Bosacki, S. (in press). A review of Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr., Arlene Brett, & Gary N. McCloskey "Computers, curriculum, and cultural change: An introduction for teachers." Education and Information Technologies.

Bosacki, S. (2005). A review of David Buckingham & Margaret Scanlon's book "Education, entertainment, and learning in the home." Education and Information Technologies.

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Bosacki, S. (1999). A review of Susan Harter's book "The construction of the self: A developmental perspective." Brock Education, 9, 77-80.

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