Dr. Michael Manley-Casimir

Faculty of Education

Dr. Michael Manley-Casimir

Professor Emeritus (PhD)
Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education

Research Interests
Law and education; Discretion in administrative decision-making; Teaching as a normative profession

Books Authored

Manley-Casimir, M.E., Piddocke, S.M., and Magsino, R. (1998). Teachers in trouble, Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press, pp ix, 1-301.

Chapters in Books

Manley-Casimir, M.E. (2003) Understanding the Human Side of Administrative Enterprise: Greenfield’s Legacy as Research Agenda. In R.B. Macmillan Questioning Leadership: The Greenfield Legacy, (pp. 259-272), University of Western Ontario, London, ON: Althouse Press.

Haire, C. and Manley-Casimir, M.E. (2000) Restoring ‘Duty’ to the Discourse of Rights and Citizenship Education: A Radical Retrenchment? In R. Bruno-Jofre and G. Jover (Eds.), Building Common Spaces: Citizenship and Education in Canada and Spain. (pp. 153-166), Winnipeg: Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba.

Manley-Casimir, M.E., and Shariff, S. (1999) Censorship in schools: Orthodoxy, Diversity, and Cultural Coherence. In K. Petersen and A. Hutchinson (Eds.), Interpreting Censorship in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Papers in Refereed Journal

Shariff, S., Case, R., & Manley-Casimir, M.E. (2000). Balancing Competing Rights in Education: Surrey School Board’s Book Ban. Education & Law Journal, 10: 47-105.

Manley-Casimir, M.E (1999). Equality in the Education of Special Needs Students: A Canadian Perspective, Education & Law Journal, 9: 275-290.

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