Dr. Leanne Taylor

Faculty of Education

Dr. Leanne Taylor

Assistant Professor (PhD)
Department of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in Education
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Courses Taught

EDUC 5P00: Introduction to Social and Cultural Contexts in Education, Part 1: Preparing the Ground
EDUC 5P01: Introduction to Social and Cultural Contexts in Education, Part 2: Developing a Critical Language
EDUC 5P11: Culture, Identity and Pedagogy: Advancing a Lived Curriculum
EDUC 2P65: Diversity Issues in Schooling
EDUC 8P02: Diversity Issues in Schooling

Research Interests

Multiracial and multiethnic identities; Marginalized students' access to and representation in postsecondary education; 'At risk' youth; Immigrant aspirations; Social justice and equity studies; Socio-cultural issues in teaching and learning; Critical theories of race and racism.

Selected Chapters in Books

Taylor, L., & James, C. (2015). Living up to expectations: 2nd and 1.5-generation immigrant students’ pursuit of university education. In D. Man and R. Cohen (eds.). Engendering Transnational Voices: Studies in Family, Work, and Identity. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

Taylor, L. (2014). Engaging teacher candidates in anti-homophobia discussions: Reflections on caution, care and commitment. In D. Gosse (Ed). LGBTTIQQ2SA Stories of pride, courage and social justice in Canada. (pp. 36-42). St. John’s NL: Breakwater Books.

Taylor, L. (2014). Multiracial identity. In C. Gallagher and C. Lippard, Race and Racism in the United States: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic. Greenview Press.

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Mohan, E., Taylor, L., Venzant Chambers, T. T., Calore, J. (2013). Advancing educational leadership: Learning from multiracial literature. In L. Tillman & J. J. Scheurich (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Educational Leadership for Equity and Diversity. (pp. 227-247). NY: Routledge.
James, C. & Taylor, L. (2013). “Talk to students about what’s really going on”: Researching the experiences of marginalized youth. In T. Kress, C. Malott and B.Porfilio (eds.). Challenging Status Quo Retrenchment: New Directions in Critical Qualitative Research. (pp. 147-167). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
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Taylor, L. (2000). Black, white, beige, other? Memories of growing up different. In C.E. James (Ed.), Experiencing Difference. (pp. 59-70). Halifax: Fernwood Publishing.


Selected Articles in Refereed Journals
Tilley,S. & Taylor, L. (2014). Complicating notions of 'scholar activist' in a global context: A discussion paper. Journal of the International Society for Teacher Education. 18 (2), 51-60
Taylor, L., & Tilley, S. (2013). Happiness: At what cost? Journal of the International Society for Teacher Education. 17 (1), 72-84.
McNeil, D. & Taylor, L. (2013). Radical love: A transatlantic dialogue about race andmixed race. The Asian American Literary Review. 4(2), 15-26.
Tilley, S & Taylor, L. (2012) Understanding curriculum as lived: Teaching for social justice and equity goals, Race, Ethnicity and Education. DOI:10.1080/13613324.2011.645565
James, C., & Taylor, L. (2010). The making of ‘at-risk’ students: How youth see teachers thwarting their education. Our Schools/Ourselves: A Magazine for Canadian Education Activists. 19 (3), pp. 123-136.
Taylor, L.  (2008). Looking north: Exploring multiracial experiences in Canadian context. In K. A. Renn and P. Shang (Eds.), Biracial and Multiracial College Students: Theory, Research, and Best Practices in Student Affairs. Jossey-Bass:
New Directions for Student Services series. 123, pp. 83-91.
James, C & Taylor, L. (2008). Education will get you to the station: Marginalized students’ experiences and perceptions of merit in accessing university, Canadian Journal of Education. 31(3), pp. 567-590.
James, C. & Taylor, L. (2008). Beating the odds and making their way in university: The case of three females of immigrant parents, Interchange: A Quarterly Review of Education. 39(2), pp. 221-244.
Refereed Conference Proceedings
Cho, C. & Taylor, L. (2012). Re/mediating social justice education: Using on-line digital animation software to foster pre-service student engagement with equity issues. In S. Van Nuland & J. Greenlaw & (Eds.), Social Media and Teacher
Learning, (pp. 25-36). Oshawa: University of Ontario Institute of Technology E-Press. Available on-line:  http://shared.uoit.ca/shared/faculty/fed/documents/Social%20Media%20and%20Teacher%20Learning.pdf


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