Dr. Joe Engemann

Faculty of Education

Dr. Joe Engemann

Associate Professor (PhD)
Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education
Full Advisement Load: Not Available for Graduate Advisement at This Time

Courses Taught

Pre-Service Courses
Education 8D09: Field Studies, Individualized Instruction and Practicum
Education 8N95: Outdoor Education
Education 8P21: Junior/Intermediate Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Education 8P47: Advanced Outdoor Education
Education 8Y23: Science Education
Education 8Y15: Outdoor/Environmental Education
Education 8Y28: Junior/Intermediate Science and Technology
Education 8Y50: Introduction to Measurement and Evaluation

Undergraduate Courses
Education 1P10: Science for Primary and Junior Teachers
Education 4P01: Mathematical and Scientific Learning and Teaching
Education 4P02: Student Assessment

Graduate Courses
Education 5P22: Technology, Change, and the Curriculum
Education 5P44: Curriculum Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
Education 5P48: Science in the Curriculum
Education 5P53: Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness
Education 5P82: Quantitative Methods in Educational Research
Education 5P86: Data-Based Decision Making
Education 5P92: An Introduction to Educational Research
Education 5V02: Innovative Assessment
Education 7P41: Cognition and Learning (PhD course)

Research Interests

Assessment and evaluation; Mentoring; Science education; Math education


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Gallagher, T. L. & Engemann, J. F. Instructor’s manual for classroom assessment: Concepts and applications - First Canadian edition. Toronto, Canada: McGraw-Hill Ryerson. (2007)

Referred Journal Articles

Bajovic, M., Rizzo, K., & Engemann, J. (2009). Character education re-conceptualized for practical implementation. Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, Issue #92, March 14, 2009.

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Non-referred Journal Articles

Wright, A., & Engemann, J. (2007). Where is the biology in students’ thinking? The Science Teachers Bulletin.

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Book reviews

Overdue Assignment: Taking Responsibility for Canada’s Schools by Jennifer Lewington and Graham Orpwood (reviewed in Brock Education, Vol. 5, No. 1, Fall, 1995, pg. 83-85).


Fisher, R., & Engemann, J. (2009). Factors affecting attrition at a Canadian college. Report prepared for the Canadian Council on Learning.

Boak, R. T., Engemann, J., Kirkwood, K. J., & Mitchell, C. (1996, October). The final report on TVO Galaxy classroom research project. Brock University, Faculty of Education.

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Dr. Joe Engemann
Faculty of Education

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