Dr. Debra McLauchlan

Faculty of Education

Dr. Debra McLauchlan

Department of Teacher Education

Research Interests

Drama in education; Creativity; Learning communities and cultures; Teacher education


Recent Refereed (Peer-Reviewed) Journal Articles

Cogswell, J., & McLauchlan, D. (2014). Explorations with affective engagement: An action research study that combines process drama with the Canadian history curriculum. Journal of Applied Theatre Research, 2(1), 61-76.

McLauchlan, D., & Winters, K.L. (2014). What’s so great about drama?: Year 1 secondary students have their say. Research in Drama Education, 19(1), 51-63.

McLauchlan, D. (2010). Keeping the kids in school: What the drama class tells us. Encounters on Education, 11,135-154.

McLauchlan, D. (2008). Digging a ditch with undergraduates: A museum theatre experience. NJ (Drama Australia Journal), 31(2), 83-94.

McLauchlan, D. (2008). Factors constraining teacher choices of material for high school actors. Applied Theatre Research, 9, Retrieved February 11, 2009, from http://www.griffith.edu.au/applied-theatre 

McLauchlan, D. (2007). Transmitting transactive pedagogy: A dilemma of preservice teacher education in drama. Theatre Research in Canada, 28(2), 120-129.

Book Contributions

Winters, K.L, McLauchlan, D., & Fournier, G. (2015). “You do this and I’ll do that”: Authorship and authority in a dramatic and digital language arts context. In G. Belliveau (Ed.), Drama and theatre education: Canadian perspectives. Canadian Association of Teacher Education (CATE) Polygraph Series.

McLauchlan, D. (2012). Drama activities. In A. Elliott & V. Woloshyn, Language arts in Canadian classrooms (pp. 60-65). Toronto, ON: Pearson.

McLauchlan, D. (2011). What makes a great high school drama teacher? In S. Schonmann (Ed.). Key concepts in drama/theatre education (pp. 39-46). Boston, MASS: Sense Publishers.
McLauchlan, D. (2010). A place for all: An epiphany of sorts. In L. Swartz & D. Nyman, Drama schemes, themes, and dreams (pp. 55-56). Markham, ON: Pembroke.
McLauchlan, D. (2009). Digging a ditch with undergraduates: A museum theatre experience.  In M. Prendergast & J. Saxton (Eds.), Applied Theatre: International case studies and challenges for practice (pp.162-165). Bristol, UK: Intellect. (Excerpted and reprinted from NJ: Drama Australia Journal, 31(2), pp. 83-94, 2008) 
McLauchlan, D. (2006). Teacher education in drama: Grooming lambs to meet wolves? In L. McCammon & D. McLauchlan (Eds.), The international mosaic of drama and theatre: The IDEA 2004 dialogues. (pp. 133-138). Brisbane, Australia: IDEA Publications.


Daly, R., MacKinnon, P., Killins, J., Bolger, P., Clipsham, J., Jurmain, M., & McLauchlan, D. (2005). Gender and its impact on student success.  St. Catharines, ON: District School Board of Niagara.

McCammon, L., & McLauchlan, D. (Eds.) (2006). The international mosaic of drama and theatre: The IDEA 2004 dialogues. Brisbane, Australia: IDEA Publications.


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