Dr. Mary Saudelli

Faculty of Education

Dr. Mary Saudelli

Reading Clinic

Dr. Mary Saudelli is the Director of the Reading Clinic. She has a particular interest in literacy, and is currently engaged with researching the role of new technologies and the reading and writing processes with children in primary school. Mary is particularly interested in how educators can embrace artefactual literacy and multimodality to support the reading process with children. Mary received her PhD from Brock University and her dissertation focused on interdisciplinary curriculum design and implementation. Her research interests include: reading and writing pedagogy, Multiliteracies, international education, curriculum, critical pedagogy, and cultural studies in education.

Mary earned her MEd, BEd from Brock University. She began her career in education in 1994 teaching reading and writing skills to children and adolescents. She has also taught in a variety of contexts, such as Canada, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Afghanistan, and Hong Kong.

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Welch Hall
Dr. Mary Saudelli
Faculty of Education

Brock University
St. Catharines, ON.

WH 326
T 905 688 5550 x3836
E msaudelli@brocku.ca


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