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Situated in a picturesque part of the Niagara escarpment, the Centre for Multiliteracies explores ways of expanding pratices and understandings of literacy in the 21st century. With CFI-funded laboratories in the CFI-funded Centre for Multiliteracies, the Centre investigates reading, writing, communicating, videogaming, teaching and assessing students through different technologies, immersive environments and printed texts. 

The Centre for Multiliteracies at Brock University and the Brock University Reading Clinic are under the direction of Jennifer Rowsell, Co-Editor of the Routledge Handbook of Literacy Studies with Dr. Kate Pahl: http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415816243

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Reading Clinic Coordinator: Jessica Domanico

Centre Research Coordinator: Jennifer Colautti

Centre News

Visiting Scholar: Dr. Fernando Maues, Universidad Federal do Para, Brazil (2014/2015 Academic Year)

Funded Projects:

SSHRC Insight Development Grant - Community Arts Zone: projects that link literacy and the artsResearch Team: Dr. Jennifer Rowsell (PI); Drs. Kate Pahl, Kris Gutierrez, and Joanne Larson (CIs); Dr. Shelley Griffin, Glenys Mcqueen-Fuentes, Abi Hackett, Dr. Deb McLauchlan, Steve Pool, Dr. Peter Vietgen, Dr. Kari-Lynn Winters, (Collaborators); Jennifer Colautti (Research Assistant). 

2014-2019 - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Grant Award. Making/Re-Making Families: A Visual, Longitudinal Cross-Cultural Exploration of Family Practices, Family Photographs, and Stories. Principal Investigator: Andrea Doucet. Co-Investigators: Diane Collier and Jennifer Rowsell

2013-2015 - Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Development Grant Award. The Minecraft Project: Exploring videogames as a platform for teaching, learning, and curriculum. Principal Investigator: Rob Simon, OISE/University of Toronto, Collaborator: Jennifer Rowsell.

2013-2015 - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Development Grant Award. Crayons and Ipads: Understanding young children’s meaning-making processes in learning to be literate. Principal Investigator: Debra Harwood. Co-Investigator: Jennifer Rowsell and Kari-Lynn Winters. Collaborators: Mira Bajovic and Vera Woloshyn.

Expanding Literacies in Education Book Series (Routledge) - Series Editors: Drs. Cynthia Lewis & Jennifer Rowsell

New Books:

New Literacies around the globe: Policy and Pedagogy (Routledge) Edited by Cathy Burnett, Julia Davies, Guy Merchant and Jennifer Rowsell

 Learning and Literacy over time: longitudinal perspectives (Routledge) Edited by Julian Sefton-Green and Jennifer Rowsell

The Routledge Handbook of Literacy Studies (RoutledgeEdited by Jennifer Rowsell and Kate Pahl; Editorial Assistant Jennifer Colautti
Schooling Zombies: Engaging with youth, popular culture and new pedagogies in a landscape of crisis (Springer) Edited by Vic Carrington, Jennifer Rowsell, Esther Priyadharshini, and Rebecca Westrup

Visiting Scholars:   Dr. Sue Nichols, University of South Australia - September 7th - 10th, 2014

                            Dr. Cheryl McLean, Rutgers Graduate School of Education - November 24th - November 25th, 2014

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Mary Code MEd Thesis Defence
July 28, 2015 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Heather Woods MEd Thesis Defence
July 15, 2015 - 10:00am - 12:00pm