7. The Thesis and MRP Advisor

Faculty of Education

7. The Thesis and MRP Advisor

Students select their own MRP or thesis advisor. Effective September 2009, the advisor is the person with whom students will complete the MRP (EDUC 5Q91) or thesis (EDUC 5F95). Application forms for the preceding courses can be found at: www.brocku.ca/education/currentstudents/graduateed/mastersofed/medforms

Students should select an advisor who has some research expertise or interest in the area of study the student wishes to pursue. A list of faculty research interests is available in the bottom right hand corner of this page. Click on ‘MEd Faculty Advisement List’.

In order to determine the compatibility of interest areas and orientation toward research methods, it is strongly recommended that students take at least one course with the faculty member with whom they would like to work. Such course work may include the completion of an independent study (EDUC 5P98) or educational internship (EDUC 5P96). Students should be aware that the advisor's preferences regarding research topics and methods, style of presentation, and prerequisite courses may have implications for their MRP or thesis work.

Students should contact potential advisors well in advance of starting their MRP or thesis. Faculty members may have to decline from working with students if they

do not have expertise in their area of topic,
are planning a sabbatical leave that could interrupt the process,
already have a full advisement load,
have scheduling constraints,
have future intentions of leaving the institution, or

It is important for students to realize that they make the final decisions about the choice of advisor and research topic. Students should also remember that they have the right to change advisors if they so wish.The Department Chair is available to consult with students regarding their advisor, topic choices, and issues.

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