12. Important Resources

Faculty of Education

12. Important Resources

A host of facilities and services are available to graduate students. For a complete listing please refer to the Graduate Calendar.

12.1 Faculty of Education Contacts

Mary-Louise Vanderlee, Department Chair, Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education (mvanderlee@brocku.ca or ext. 4366) is available to meet with students to hear their comments about the program and to address their concerns.

Wanda Burger, Administrative Assistant, MEd Program (wburger@brocku.ca or ext. 5496) is responsible for maintenance of the student database, independent studies and educational internships and graduate record cards.

Betty Chambers, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Program (bchambers@brocku.ca or ext. 3082) is the contact for all student contracts within the Department (Teaching Assistantships) and financial expenses.

Janet Pollock, Part-Time Graduate Assistant (Janet.Pollock@brocku.ca or ext. 5353) is the MRP/Thesis/Dissertation Coordinator. She reviews final documents and coordinates MEd defences, PhD portfolio defences and dissertations.

12.2 Faculty of Graduate Studies Contacts

Joanne Kremble, Graduate Officer, Faculty of Graduate Studies (jkremble@brocku.ca) or ext. 4390) addresses inquiries regarding scholarships, fellowships, and bursaries.

Lorraine Sciamonte, Graduate Assistant, Faculty of Graduate Studies (Lorraine.Sciamonte@brocku.ca) or ext. 3239) addresses inquiries regarding student records and finances.

12.3 Faculty of Education Funding Opportunities
Faculty of Education Fellowships

Value: $1,500

A maximum of three graduate fellowships are awarded each year to new and continuing full-time students in the Master of Education program who have achieved high academic standing. Prospective candidates for fellowships will be considered on application for admission to the Master of Education program. Continuing students will be considered after successful completion of their first year of study. In order to qualify, students must be registered as full-time students.

Faculty of Education Graduate Bursary

Value: $1,000

A number of graduate bursaries are awarded each year to continuing full-time students in the Master of Education Program who are experiencing financial difficulties. If funds are available, students may apply for and receive the bursary twice during their program of study. Please refer to www.brocku.ca/webfm_send/22788 for application details and deadlines. Applicants must provide evidence of on-going participation in the department, a statement outlining financial need and a reference letter from a full-time faculty member describing the student's academic progress.

Jack Noble Book Prize

The book prize is awarded every year at both the Spring and Fall convocations to a Master of Education student who achieves the highest academic standing in the MEd program. The prize is awarded in the name of Jack Noble on the recommendation of the Faculty of Education.


There are two types of assistantships: Research and Teaching.

Research Assistantships consist of graduate students completing various tasks for specific faculty members. Duties may include literature searches, data collection and/or data entry, interviewing participants, transcribing interviews. Any data collected by students for a faculty member may be used by students and incorporated into their project or thesis work.

Teaching Assistantships consist of students becoming seminar leaders and/or assisting a specific faculty member with any other teaching requirements such as marking essays and exams.

TAs are now members of CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) and their normal workload for a one-term contract is 48 hours per half-credit course.

Whatever the task, students should be clear on what is expected of them. Expectations should be clearly stated in writing on the contract. This protects both the student and the Faculty member.

The number of hours required for the assistantship determines the amount. Normally a Research Assistant contract is for 10 hours per week per term for a total of 80 hours over a 10 week period.

Contracts run for one full term only. It is up to the individuals whether or not to renew the contract for subsequent terms. This requirement protects both the faculty and the students from being contractually bound in an unsuitable circumstance for extended periods of time.

Full-time students completing a research-based program of study are limited to 10 hours per week of contractual employment at Brock University. The hours may be extended if, and only if, the work is directly related to the student's area of research. For the most part, assistantships are normally offered to the full-time students.

Other Brock University Funding Opportunities

Ralph D. Morris Graduate Student Award

Value: to be determined

An annual award to a student in the first or second year of graduate studies at Brock who has been involved in university activities which reflect well on graduate students or extracurricular activities which enhance the University's role in the community. The successful candidate will be selected on the strength of responses to areas that reflect these qualities.

Donor: Graduate Student Association

Edgar and Irmgard Penner Scholarship

Value: to be determined

To be awarded annually to an international student in any field, in the first or subsequent year of a graduate program, who has achieved high academic standing and does not receive financial support from his/her country.

Donor: Irmgard Penner

The Governor General's Gold Medal

The Governor General's Gold Medal is awarded at Spring convocation to a graduate student who achieves the highest academic standing in a graduate degree program. Graduands from both the Spring and the previous Fall convocation are eligible. The medal will be awarded on the recommendation of the Senate Committee on Graduate Studies.

External Scholarships

Commonwealth Scholarships

The Commonwealth scholarship plan provides opportunities for Commonwealth students to pursue advanced studies in other commonwealth countries. The scholarships are awarded to graduates of recognized universities for a period of two academic years and will cover the holder's travel, living and study expenses during the period of tenure. Commonwealth scholarships tenable at Canadian universities are open to commonwealth citizens other than residents of Canada. Citizens of commonwealth countries should make application in their own country for commonwealth scholarships tenable at Canadian universities. Information and application forms may be obtained from the Graduate Office, Office of the Registrar or from the Association of Universities and Colleges, 151 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5N1.

Deadline dates: October 31 (Australia), December 31 (New Zealand).


The Social Sciences of Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

Canada Graduate Scholarships Program Master's Scholarships

Value: $17,500 per annum

If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and have completed a bachelor's degree, you may be eligible to apply for a Master's Scholarship.

Canada Graduate Scholarships Program Doctoral Awards

Value: CGS Doctoral Scholarships: $35,000 per annum for 3 years

SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships: $19,000 per annum for 6 to 48 months

If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, have completed or are about to complete a master's degree in the humanities or social sciences or are already pursuing a PhD or equivalent, you may be eligible to apply for a Doctoral Fellowship.

Application forms and further details may be obtained from the website: http://www.sshrc.ca/

Ontario Graduate Scholarships

Value: $5,000 per academic term

The Province of Ontario offers scholarships (in conjunction with Brock University) to students in or entering graduate programs. The Scholarships are tenable at the Ontario university of the student's choice. The awards are tenable in all disciplines and the applicant must have high academic achievement and meet certain citizenship requirements.

For further information and application forms, contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies or check the web at http://osap.gov.on.ca/

Other External Scholarships and Awards

To provide graduate students with funding and research resources, Brock University is a member of the Community of Science (COS). COS provides access to the world's most comprehensive funding resource, with more than 23,000 records representing nearly 400,000 funding opportunities and assists students to:

Find Funding
Identify Collaborators and Competitors
Publicize Research

COS also provides tools and services that include: COS Expertise®, the database of detailed, first person profiles of more then 500,000 R & D professionals; and COS Funding Opportunities, the largest source of grant information on the Web. For more information see the Community of Science website at: http://www.cos.com/

Government Student Loans

Ontario Student Assistance Program and Canada Student Loan Program

All students who are residents of Ontario, Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and who satisfy the admission requirements of a Canadian university or an eligible post-secondary institution in Ontario may apply for a loan under this program. To receive a loan a student must establish financial need for assistance and enrol in an eligible institution in the year of the loan. An award under this program will be made to the extent of financial need subject to established maximums.

12.4 Graduate Student Association (GSA)

At Brock University, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) represents the interest of graduate students. The purpose of the association is to promote the interest of graduate students in academic and social matters, to facilitate interaction among graduate students from all departments, and to enhance the profile of graduate students internal and external to the university community. All graduate students are members of the GSA and are automatically charged a membership fee at registration.

Each year, the Ralph Morris Graduate Student Award, established by the GSA in 1995, is presented to a graduate student who has exhibited exemplary activity that contributes to the GSA membership. Applications for this award are available from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

The GSA makes yearly donations to the James A. Gibson Library in an effort to ensure journals required by the graduate students remain on the shelf. Along with this, a portion of the GSA membership fees are proportionately distributed to the various graduate departments to help offset travel and conference expenses incurred by students. This money is made available in addition to what is provided by individual departments. Graduate students are required to fill out application forms for financial assistance to cover conference/travelling expenses. These forms can be obtained by contacting the department representatives. The amount of money received depends on the number of graduate students applying for financial assistance and the amount of money reserved to cover such costs.

A list of the Executive members of the GSA along with the department representatives and their e-mail addresses are posted on the Graduate Student Bulletin Board which is located in the Faculty of Education on the main floor (outside room WH127). Anyone having questions or concerns pertaining to graduate life are encouraged to contact the department representative for education or the GSA president

The GSA is active in gaining representation for graduate students at the various levels of administration at Brock. Elections for GSA executive positions typically occurs in early spring. Master of Education students currently have the following representation:

a voting member at the Graduate/Undergraduate Department level
a non-voting member at the Faculty Board level
a voting member on the Brock Education journal committee
a voting member on the Computer and Media Resources Committee
a voting member on the Library Advisory Committee;
two voting members on the Graduate Orientation/Conference Committee
a voting member on the Research Advisory Committee

There are ample opportunities for graduate students to become involved with the Brock community beyond the classroom. However, it is only through continued involvement with the GSA that our representation at the various levels of administration can be sustained. Without this type of representation, decisions at these various levels can be made which may have a direct impact on the experiences of the students enrolled in the Master programs at Brock. Master of Education students are encouraged to make use of the graduate student offices located in the James A Gibson Library, 6th floor. Lock boxes are now available in MCD419. Please contact the Administrative Coordinator if you are interested in obtaining one.

12.5 Access to Resources

Students have access to academic resources and material through Brock library service as well as services in all other Ontario Libraries and their local school boards. Appendix Q provides detailed information.

12.6 Computer Services

All Brock Students, including MEd students are required to enable their Badger accounts. All electronic communication with the students will occur through this account. It will be the responsibility of the students to manage their accounts.

In addition however, the Master of Education students are eligible for computer access in the Research and Development lab (WH76),  computer lab (WH64), as well as the Master of Graduate Student workroom (WH309) and TA office (WH61).

The access to the computers in these rooms is based on first come, first served basis.

The computers in the R&D laboratory offer access to the Internet, word processing, spreadsheet, statistical software, and scanning facilities.
The R&D Lab is open to valid users via a card-swipe security access system. Students must apply for card-swipe access: www.brocku.ca/webfm_send/23098. Once students have the card-swipe access, they may use the laboratory at times which are convenient to them. No technical assistance is available during weekends and after hours.

Laser printing is available on a charge-per-page basis. Laser printing accounts can be purchased at the IRC Supply Desk with a minimum $10.00 deposit. An accounting mechanism is installed to charge 10 cents/page.

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