10. Evaluation of Student Work

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10. Evaluation of Student Work

10. Evaluation of Student Work

The preferred approach to evaluation of student work is to provide comprehensive feedback to support students' progress through the program and to help them attain a master's level of scholarship. The criteria that define such scholarship are presented in Section 5.1 of this Program Guide. These criteria should be kept firmly in mind, whether working on course assignments or exit requirements. In addition to these broad criteria, the Department has developed specific grading guidelines for course work and for the exit requirement.

10.1. Grading System for Graduate Courses

The grading system at Brock University and transcripts show both the numeric and letter grade (e.g. 85A) received in the course. Grades of 60 to 100 are considered to be passing grades, but only grades in the B (70-78) and A (80-100) levels are granted graduate credit. Students who receive a grade lower than 70 must either repeat the course or successfully complete an alternative graduate course. Any students having a standing of less than B in any half-credit course or equivalent will be subject to review by the Department Chair and/or the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Although the University does not distinguish between an A and an A+ or between a B and a B+, the Department has generated grading criteria that separate grades into the four categories (A+, A, B+, and B). This separation alerts the students as to where their work is positioned on the grading continuum and gives them more information with which to establish future learning goals and growth plans. The grading criteria for coursework can be found in Appendix P.

Incomplete (IN) is a temporary grade granted to students only in exceptional circumstances. An IN must be requested in writing by the student to the instructor and approval is not guaranteed. A grade must be submitted no later than 56 days from the last day of classes in each term. If the IN is not replaced by a letter grade within 56 days, the IN will be changed to the default grade indicated on the Report of Incomplete Grade form and recorded on the statement of grades.

In Progress (IP) is only granted for the thesis or MRP. No other half-credit graduate course can carry an IP grade at any time.

Students who receives an IP grade must be reregistered for that course in the term following that for which they receive an IP grade and must pay a continuation fee.

10.2 Grading System for Exit Requirements

The criteria for assessing the research-based exit requirement are the same regardless of the route chosen for completing this part of the program (e.g., thesis or MRP). The criteria are listed in Section 6.3 of this Program Guide, and students should refer to these criteria frequently as they work on various drafts of the exit document.

The MRP is assigned a numeric and letter grade (e.g., 80A) whereas the thesis receives a Pass or Fail. A description of the complete grading process for MRPs and theses is provided in Appendix P.

10.3 Statement of Grades

All grades can be found online at the Student Self-Service Web Site. Grades are usually posted approximately 6 weeks after the last class. If you require a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter for any reason, you should contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies (Ext. 3239) who will provide you with a letter. There is a fee for this service of $15.00 per letter.

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