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This edition of the Master of Education Program Guide provides students and faculty with the latest information about program requirements, policies, and procedures. Depending on the stage of your progress through the MEd program, various sections of this document will be more important to refer to than others. It is important, therefore, that you consult this guide regularly.

The Guide has a long history. Dr. Al Wheeler, with contributions from several people, including Dr. P. O'Neill and Dr. W. Poole, compiled the first set of guidelines to standardize the format of MEd students' project/thesis work. In 1990, Dr. Michael Kompf, with the aid of two graduate students, Tiiu Raun and Ellen Herbeson, created a document entitled Putting the Pieces Together: Guidelines for Master of Education Projects and Theses. The document expanded on Dr. Wheeler's guidelines and was made available to Faculty of Education graduate students. Suggestions for expansion resulted in Dr. Kompf producing a second edition with assistance from MEd graduates, Tony Di Petta and Phyllis Stanley.

In 1995, Dr. Rosemary Young, then Department Chair, and Mary Louise Vanderlee, a Master of Education student and the G.S.A. President, saw a need for a comprehensive, readily accessible handbook that included procedures, policies, and requirements for the MEd Program, as well as information about the process of projects and theses and about the intricacies of pursuing a Brock University MEd degree. Under the supervision of Dr. Young, Mary-Louise Vanderlee created the first edition of the Master of Education Program Guide, which included contributions from many faculty members and staff, including P. O'Neill, P. Cranton, J. Neufeld, C. Mitchell, J. Smith, R. Kumar, and E. Koop.

Since the original publication in 1996, revisions have been made annually. Lynn Duhaime, Administrative Assistant to the Department, and Dr. Cecilia Reynolds, Chair of the Graduate and Undergraduate Department, revised the guide in 1997 and 1998. In 1999, 2000, and 2001, revisions were completed by Lynn Duhaime, Dr. Rosemary Young (Department Chair), and Mary Louise Vanderlee; 2002 revisions were completed by Lynn Duhaime and Dr. John Novak (Department Chair); and 2003 revisions were completed by Lynn Duhaime and Dr. Coral Mitchell (Department Chair). Over these years, many people made suggestions, contributed ideas, and wrote various sections of the Guide.

From 2004 - 2006, the Master of Education Program Guide was redesigned, reformatted, and updated by Ethna Bernat, Department Administrative Assistant, and Dr. Coral Mitchell, Chair of the Graduate and Undergraduate Department. That edition consolidated and reorganized information that had been inserted in previous updates, highlighted foundational information, and moved to appendices some of the ancillary information. This online edition follows that format and continues the practice of including sample pages from recent graduates. We are grateful to Linda Ismailos, Kathleen Moore, Bob Rigas, and Lyn Trudeau for allowing us to include their work in this Guide. We are also grateful to the number of faculty members and staff who have, once again, been so generous with their contributions. The Guide continues to improve from this input.

As always, we continue to solicit feedback that will improve the quality of the Guide. This year, we have also included the 'Learning APA Format' handout to assist you in writing course assignments and your exit requirements (Appendix A). Please feel free to forward comments and suggestions to Lynn Duhaime via e-mail or in person. Many thanks to all those who over the years have provided input for the Guide and who have helped in many ways to smooth the path for those studying in the Master of Education program at Brock University. To our new or continuing students, we wish you all the best and look forward to meeting with you at the various stages of your journey toward the MEd degree.

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