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Graduate Connections


The Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education, Master of Education (MEd) Program, in collaboration with The Office of International Initiatives, encourages domestic and international Masters students to be active and engaged in their academics, and to participate in diverse teaching and learning experiences at Brock, in the Niagara region and surrounding communities.

The Graduate Connections Program facilitates integrated opportunities for international students to a meet a variety of colleagues and associates, creating connections in natural contexts. Organized seminars, colloquia, workshops, sporting, arts, cultural, and heritage outings complement the academic program while providing ISP students the opportunity to meet, converse and collaborate with native speaking Canadians.

Conversation Colleague Program

The Conversation Colleague Program is an additional option for MED/ISP students to practice their English and integrate within the Faculty of Education graduate studies community, as well as meet Canadians! Members of the Master of Education international student community who wish to improve their conversational English skills may apply to receive a "Conversation Colleague." Your Colleague will be someone from the Faculty of Education who speaks English fluently, so they will be able to assist you in practicing your conversation skills while participating in the Brock and Niagara Community. Partners will typically arrange to meet once a week for about an hour; the time, place and activity will be mutually agreed upon by both partners.

Conversation Colleagues Sign-Up Form – Master of Education Volunteers (download .doc form)

Conversation Colleagues Sign-Up Form - ISP Students (download .doc form)

Academic Language Support

The Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education, in collaboration with The Office of International Initiatives ,supports international student success with the provision of Academic Language Assistance Mentors. Our Language Mentors help International Student Program (ISP)students improve their English language skills. Through face-to-face consultations with students, mentors review academic readings and writing, providing guidance towards improving vocabulary choice and writing skills in planning, drafting and revising academic papers and major essays. Additionally, Language Mentors respond to students’ questions and provide context for understanding education in Canada and Canadian culture.