Bryce Honsinger

Faculty of Education

Bryce Honsinger

Teacher, Applewood Public School
District School Board of Niagara

Bryce Honsinger is passionate about Canadian History and teaching students to empower themselves to be positive leaders for global change. A gifted educator and role model, he motivates students by bringing teaching to life using real-world examples. He creates a classroom culture of acceptance and respect by teaching about racism and discrimination and arranges video conferences with students in Kosovo. Bryce works tirelessly to spearhead many projects around the school community like the Remembrance Day Assembly, Grade 6 Graduation and the school’s annual Ontario Heritage Fair. A life-long learner, Bryce obtained his Bachelor of Education degree in 2000 and is currently completing his Master of Education from the Faculty of Education at Brock. Bryce was honoured to receive the Premier’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 2009-10.

• Bryce Honsinger is a Grade 5/6 History/Social Studies teacher at Applewood Public School in St. Catharines.
• Bryce is a forerunner in his region’s educational community with his work on the “One World Youth Project” supporting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The purpose of this cultural exchange is to inspire youth to take positive action. Because he had created a classroom culture of acceptance and respect, his students genuinely understand the reason for the need to financially support children in Kosovo, the school’s global partnership. His class participates in webcasts with Kosovo students.
• Each year, Bryce’s students run button campaigns where they design a logo based upon the Millennium Development Goal they are working on with their penpals, they have this logo made into buttons, develop an information brochure that the button is attached to and then they sell the package for $2.00. Over the last four years, Bryce’s students have raised $5650 through their campaigns and they have distributed their funds equally between St. Catharines Community Care to help people in their own community and to various organizations abroad to help others in the global community who need assistance.
• In 2006, Bryce was chosen to attend the New York Symposium for World Development at the United Nations in New York City.
• He has also included his students in their board’s Model United Nations debates.
• Bryce has written science and mathematics resources for the District School Board of Niagara and he has conducted numerous workshops based upon his work in mathematics, science, history and the implementation of differentiated instruction.
• Bryce and his students have guest lectured at Brock University on their global education program and how a human link to a global education program makes learning more meaningful to students.
• Bryce was a contributing writer on the joint ETFO/Ontario Human Rights Commission document “Racism Hurts”.
• He was a two-time finalist for the Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History.
• Bryce has been a leader at his school in initiating “Ontario Heritage Fair” projects for students in Grades 4-6, where students use the medium of their choice to share information about a topic of Canadian history that is interesting to them and to others.
• He is the Grade 6 Graduation Committee chair, for which he creates a profile for every graduating student, complete with artefacts and anecdotes of their career at the school.
• He organizes the school’s Remembrance Day Assembly, which includes a slide show profiling members of both staff and students who are veterans.
• He is a teacher advisor on the School Council, the school’s computer site manager, Junior Divisional leader, fundraiser and School Improvement Team participant.
• He excels at making links between the past and the present, thus making Canadian history interesting and relevant to students.


Bryce Honsinger
Bryce Honsinger


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