Field Camp 1996

ERSC 3P99 - Field Camp

You have reached the Home Page of ERSC 3P99 - Field Camp, offered by Brock University.

Since 1987 the Department of Earth Sciences has run its annual Field Camp in the Elliot Lake - Espanola - Sudbury area of Northern Ontario (Location Map). Work concentrates on the Proterozoic Huronian Supergroup of the Southern Structural Province. We also visit/examine:

  1. the underlying unconformity with the Archean Superior Province, at Elliot Lake,
  2. the Sudbury Structure
  3. the overlying Paleozoic (Ordovician) carbonates, on Manitoulin Island.

This page provides links to the first chapter of the Field Camp Manual, which serves as an introduction to the camp.

Links are also provided to a series of photographs (JPG images) showing various aspects and participants of the Field Camp over the years.

  1. 1998 images This year marked the largest group yet to particpate in the Field Camp. This years camp will be remembered for two things: 1) baseball caps supplied by Peter and Trudy Vessey, owners of Charlton Lake Camp, and 2) Jeff's Jump (see photo below).
  2. 1997 images From these images the viewer can see that the weather was much more co-operative than in 1996. Also this year marks a change in ownership of Charlton Lake Camp.
  3. 1996 images The 1996 camp will be rememberd as the year of weather extremes - snow, frozen water lines, fog, sunshine - have a look at the images they tell it all.

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