Where do I get my card?
Departmental ICB cards are available through the Brock Card office located at Brock Dining Services in DeCew Residence. Visit their office or contact them (905-688-5550 x4770 or brockcard@brocku.ca) with your department and account information and they will send the card to you.

What if I lose my card?
If your card is lost or damaged, just let Brock Card know and they will put a hold on your account so no one will be able to use your DCB. To re-activate your card, please come and see Brock Card located at Brock Dining Services in DeCew Residence.

Can we have more than one card for a department?
You can have as many cards as you like for your department and they can all be billed to the same account number.

Do I need to have my card with me or do I just need to know the number?
For your protection, you need to have your card with you at the time of purchase.

How do I pay for Departmental ICB charges?
Brock Card will send you a monthly statement when the card has been used and invoice the Finance Department using the Brock account number that you provide.

Can I get a detailed report of what was purchased?
A detailed receipt can be requested from the cashier at the time of purchase. This information can also be requested from the Brock Card office (905-688-5550 x4770 or brockcard@brocku.ca) at any time.

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Did You Know?

Departmental ICB cards can be used at any Brock Dining Service locations on-campus. It can also be used off-campus at Boston Pizza, Pizza Pizza, Shoppers Drug Mart and East Side Marios.


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