summer camp 2012

Confucius Institute

Bilingual Teaching: English & Mandarin Chinese

Students of K - 8 from All Nationalities Are Welcome    

小中班学生:汉语拼音、会话, 常用词语的认读, 歌曲

高班学生: 围绕成语, 故事进行的学习活动, 中国现代流行曲,中华文化常识, 唱中文歌曲, 中国民乐欣赏, 民族乐器介绍, 毛笔字书法, 电影…

中国画: 水墨花鸟技法,单色造型,色彩基本知识,创意手工…

中国棋类: 围棋、中国象棋,

户外活动: 足球、跳绳、游戏…
Entry & Lower Elementary: Pinyin (the phonetic system), simple daily conversations, songs
Upper Elementary: Learning activities of Chinese idioms, story reading, Chinese pop songs
Chinese culture knowledge, introduction of Chinese folk music and instruments.
Chinese ink painting, creative craft, brush calligraphy
Go, Chinese Chess, traditional Chinese games
Outdoor activities: soccer, rope skipping, bubbles, games ….


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时间/Time:July 2 – August 1, 2014, Monday to Friday, 9:30am – 12:00pm
暑期班地点/ Location:Brock University, East Academic--EA103, 104, 306 (July 2-July 11)
    Thistle Hall--TH 306, 307, 315 (July 14-August 1)
费用/Fee: $35/ per student   35元每学生
注冊/Registration:I.  before June 15 or register when the summer school begins at Brock University.