Renowned art exhibitions

Renowned art exhibitions

Minjiang Lacquer Art Exhibition - May 10th~15th, 2011

福建闽江大学艺术漆画展 - 2011五月

Featured Artists: Wang Tianliang, Zheng Xin, Wu Sidong, Chen Qiurong, Chen Yu, Zou Rongqing, Zheng pin

参展画家: 汪天亮, 郑鑫, 吴思冬, 陈秋荣, 陈宇, 周榕清, 郑频 

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About Lacquer Art

Lacquer painting, just like oil painting, water colour and water ink, it is a form of painting.  Lacquer art is an acient art form that originated from lacquerware. It has been popular in Asia. The main material used for lacquer painting is organic lacquer, which is a clear resin collected from coniferous trees. Due to the sticky texture of lacquer, other special materials are often combined in the painting to create a desired look, such as egg shells, seashells and gold or silver foil. The resin used for lacquer art are only harvest in area that are south of N38, which happen to cover most areas in Chinese Landscape. This generous gift from the nature provides great conditions for lacquer art development in China. Furthermore,lacquer painting covers a wide range of topics such as landscape, people, still art and abstract art, etc. Lacquer art facinates easten and westen artists with its wild expression and infinite variety.


漆画,像油画,水彩, 水墨一样是一种绘画形式。漆画源于漆器,是一种历史悠久的绘画方式,在亚洲地区颇享盛名。漆画运用的主要原料是生漆。“漆”,是天然漆液, 是一种树脂。由于生漆具有粘性,因此也常常结合一些特殊材料如贝壳,蛋壳, 金银箔粉等来表达绘画意境。 原生漆只生长在纬度约38度线以南的狭小区域,大部分恰好覆盖了中国版图上的许多地域。这一自然的慷慨馈赠为中国的漆画艺术发展提供了良好的条件。除此之外,漆画创作主题涵括山水,人物,静物,抽象等领域。 漆画因其丰富的表现力与多变的奇巧手法深受古今中外艺术家们的青睐。

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Chinese Water Painting Exhibit - 2009

张涤尘中国水墨画展 - 2009

Featured Artist: Dichen Zhang

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The water ink painting of Confucius displayed in international centre is an artwork by Dichen Zhang and given to Confucius institute as a friendly gift.

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