Brock 围棋weiqi (Go) Club Will Host 3rd Brock Go Tournament

Brock 围棋weiqi (Go) Club Will Host 3rd Brock Go Tournament

The Brock 围棋 Go-Club invites everyone to our third Brock Go-tournament.

When and Where:

Sunday March 17th, 2013

Brock University, St Catharines, 
Plaza building, 4th floor, room 408 (building 30 on the 
campus map). 

Event Details:

Main tournament: 4 rounds, 30 min each side 

Self pairing 13x13 tournament


Please send an email to Thomas Wolf, 
subject: 3rd Brock Go tournament 
content: your name, playing strength, city/club (if applicable) 


The tournament is free but a donation of $5 for the purchase of equipment or the donation of a prize are appreciated.

Participating Players:

Tiger Gong 7d
Oliver Wolf 4d
John Dew 

More information about the tournament please click here.


Go, in Chinese as 围棋(Weiqi), is a game based on strategy and tactics and is the oldest game that is still played, being developed in China about 4000-4500 years ago. Even though Go is not as well known as Chess in the West it still has developed a large player base in North America, the game is noted for being rich in strategy despite its relatively simple rules.

Brock 围棋weiqi (Go) Club has many different levels of players in the Brock Go Club, from beginners with a few weeks experience, to those who have been playing for over 20 years. Go is a game where amateurs and experienced players can sit down and still have a really close game against each other. 

Brock 围棋Weiqi (Go) Club particpated in various of activities. 

Oliver (AGA 3.5 Dan) was invited to play in the Canadian youth team against the youth team of the US in an annual friendship match. Oliver won against Vincent Zhuang (AGA 6.4 Dan). In the match the US won the first 3 games that were completed but Canada won the next 3 games and because Canada won at board 1 which is the tiebreak, Canada also won the whole match. (SeeAGA news letter and individual results of the match

Last summer, Members of Club joined a 4-day Canadian Open tournament in Ottawa, 2-week intensive Weiqi围棋 (Go)training Camp in New Jersey with a former women's world champion, 2-week European Open Go-Tournament in Bonn/Germany.Moreover, 2 preprints for research papers in mathematics and 围棋Weiqi (Go) were written, a talk was given at the first international Go Symposium held along the US Go Congress in Black Mountain/North Carolina.


Brock 围棋weiqi (Go) Club welcomes all players and age groups for our weekly meetings. Currently scheduled for Wednesday from 5-8pm at Brock University MC J-Block Room 434. However this time and day is flexible based on when the majority of people are available to play. So don't be discouraged if you cannot make this time.

For more information, please visit the following link.