Mandarin Club 汉语俱乐部

Mandarin Club 汉语俱乐部


Founded in March 2010. Mandarin club is focusing on introducing, sharing and learning Chinese language and culture, having face to face or in-group communication with native speakers to learn Mandarin. We learn Mandarin with books, movies, songs, and more fun interactions. Wecooperate with the Mandarin course at Brock staring in winter , Mandarin club is a good place for you to start off learning Chinese.

Currently have 127 registered members (including Mandarin speaking volunteers) both from Brock and the local community.  Some members are teaching or learning Mandarin at Brock and are interested in learning more about Chinese language and culture. We also have members who have been to China before or are currently involved in business and trade between the two countries. We hold casual group meetings or special events weekly at the cafe, offering an opportunity for people to practice Mandarin and learn more about Chinese culture.

Activities: Talk to native speakers, Watching Movies, playing games, learning songs,                       making dumplings, making dough sculpture, Taichi, Taichi fan, Chinese tea,                   Mahjong, Chinese paintings, learning Pinyin, basic                                                           conversation, business Mandarin, Chinese food.....etc


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Every Thursday 

Time: 5:00p.m - 6:00p.m

Location: International Centre  - Room #104.

All are welcome!