Extensive Chinese library in Niagara

Extensive Chinese library in Niagara

Chinese book viewing and loaning is now available!

This library is open to Brock students, faculty, and community members. We may ask for photo ID for book loaning. To view or borrow the books please come to room 245, on the second floor of the International Centre.

We have a collection of over 2000 Chinese books in the fields of politics, economics, education, history, literature, philosophy, art and music. They were donated by our partner Minjiang University Library and currently displayed in International Centre for viewing. We encourage students and faculty who have an interest in Chinese culture and language to take advantage of this unique library.

Click the topics to view the book list in English or Chinese:

  • Politics                                               政治类
  • Economics and Management             经济管理类 
  • Education                                           教育类  
  • History                                               历史类  
  • Philosophy                                          哲学类  
  • Literature                                           文学类   
  • Art                                                     美术类   
  • Music                                                 音乐类    


For more information on teaching and learning Chinese language and culture, please contact Brock "Instructional Resource Centre (IRC)" (http://www.brocku.ca/education/directory/irc).  

For more information on academic (e.g., research, general) resources of Chinese language and culture, please contact Ms. Karen Bordonaro, the liaison librarian of CI at Brock: http://researchguides.library.brocku.ca/profile/Karen.