Credit Courses

Credit Courses

Credit Courses Offered at Brock University related to China Studies


Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

International Languages - Mandarin I (EDUC 9F34)

Mandarin Chinese I (MAND 1P00)

Mandarin Chinese II (MAND 1P01)

Mandarin Chinese III (MAND 1P80)

Mandarin Chinese IV (MAND 1P81)



Economic Growth and Urban Expansion in Developing Countries (GEOG 4P67)



Late Imperial East Asia (HIST 2P65)

Twentieth-Century East Asia (HIST 2P66)

The world of Genghis Khan: Inner Aisa since 500 BC

Chinese Social History (HIST 3P89)

Intellectuals in Revolutionary China (HIST 4P56)

Empire (HIST 5V00)


Philosophy & Intercultural Studies

Introduction to Chinese Philosophy (PHIL 2P17 &INTC 2P17)

Taoism (PHIL 3P95 & INTC 3P95 )

Confucianism (PHIL 3P98)


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Note that not all courses are offered in every session. Refer to the applicable term timetable for details.