Confucius Institute Cultural & Art Troupe

Confucius Institute Cultural & Art Troupe

Dichen Zhang 张涤尘  (Advisor)                               Chinese visual arts       

Mr. Tao Yao 姚涛 & Ms. Ping Li 李平           Chinese visual arts       

Ms. Sara Li 李珑                                        Chinese ethnic dance   

Andrea Michaud 米兰                                  Chinese folk songs      

Dingxi Yao 姚丁曦                                       Chinese flute    

Echo 余晓婉                                                Chinese flute & hulusi 

Joy Yuyi Liu 刘瑜易                                        Piano & Keyboard

Sandra Yee                                                Chinese pipa     

St. Catharines Chinese School                     Singing, instruments, & dance 

Pony Peng 彭沛铭                                       Singing

Sonny Xu  徐旭祥                                        Violin on Chinese classic music 

Cheng Luo  罗澄                                         Chinese erhu   

Chunlei Lu  路春雷                                      Chinese folk songs & Beijing opera

Ning Wang 王宁                                          Chinese history            

Charles Burton 黄承安                                 Chinese history

Wing-Cheuk Chan  陈荣灼                           Chinese philosophy      

Bin Mu 牟斌                                                Chinese philosophy      

Herman Yu                                                 Technical support        

Peter Peng  彭会臣                                      Technical support       

Ye Li 李晔                                                   Technical support       


 Art Resource: two Chinese Drums with supports (size as the image indicates).

If you want to borrow them, please contact Confucius Institute at Brock University.