Who Owns Underwater Cultural Heritage?
Perspectives on archaeological law and ethics in the Mediterranean
October 22-25, 2009

Unless otherwise noted, workshop events will take place in Sankey Chamber


Thursday, 22 October

7:00 PM Public Lecture - Academic South 204 (Joint Niagara Peninsula Archaeological Institute of America Lecture)

  • Robert Grenier (O.C., Underwater Archaeology Service, Parks Canada, and Past President of the International Scientific Committee on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, UNESCO/ICOMOS) - “The 2001 UNESCO Convention for Heritage Shipwrecks and the Significance of the 1565 Basque Galleon San Juan from Labrador Selected for its Logo”



Friday, 23 October


9:00 AM - Opening Remarks - Sankey Chamber

  • Rosemary Hale (Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Brock University, Canada)
  • Elizabeth S. Greene (Department of Classics, Brock University, Canada)


9:30 - Opening Lecture

  • John P. Oleson (Department of Greek and Roman Studies, University of Victoria, Canada) - “Herodotus, Aristotle, and Sounding Weights: The Deep Sea as a Frontier in the Classical World”


Coffee break

11:00 AM-1:00 PM - Mediterranean Perspectives - Sankey Chamber
Session Chair: Richard M. Leventhal (Cultural Heritage Center and Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, USA)


  • Katerina Dellaporta (Ministry of Culture, Greece) - “Underwater Archaeology in Greece: Protection and Management”
  • Irena Radic Rossi (Department of Archaeology, University of Zadar, Croatia) - “Research and Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: The Croatian Experience”
  • Miran Eric (Department of Underwater Archaeology, Centre for Preventative Archaeology, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Slovenia) - “Research and Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage in Slovenia (1884–2009)”
  • Mariano J. Aznar-Gómez, (Department of Public Law, Universitat Jaume I, Spain) - “Recent Legal Problem in Spain with the Protection of UCH. The Odyssey Affair as a Test Case.”
  • Hector Williams (Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies, University of British Columbia; Board of Directors, Vancouver Maritime Museum, Canada) - Response: “Museums, Academic Institutions, and Underwater Cultural Heritage Preservation”




2:30-5:00 PM - Continuation of Morning Lectures and Discussion - Sankey Chamber


6:30 PM A Legal Perspective - Academic South 204

  • Ole Varmer (Office of General Counsel for International Law, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA) - “Treasure Hunting, the Law, and Cultural Heritage in the United States and Beyond”



Saturday, 24 October


9:00 AM-12:00 PM - Foreign Projects in the Mediterranean - Sankey Chamber
Session Chair: Joann Freed (Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada)


  • Elizabeth S. Greene (Department of Classics, Brock University, Canada) - “Shallow-Water Excavation in Turkey: Thoughts for the Deep-Water Environment”
  • Justin R. Leidwanger (Art & Archaeology of the Mediterranean World, University of Pennsylvania, USA) - "Recent Trends and Future Directions in Shallow and Deep-Water Archaeology off the Coast of Cyprus"
  • William H. Krieger (Institute of Archaeological Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, USA) and Bridget A. Buxton (Institute of Archaeological Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, USA) - “The Institute for Archaeological Oceanography: Principles and Practice”
  • Filipe Castro, (Nautical Archaeology Program, Texas A&M University, USA), "The Nautical Archaeology Program and the 2001 UNESCO Convention"
  • David Blackman (Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents, Oxford University, UK) - Response: “The Potential Development of the Convention”




1:30-4:30 PM - Discussion - Sankey Chamber


Sunday, 25 October


9:00-11:00 AM - Discussion and Policy Planning, Preparation for Penn Workshop - Keefer Room


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