What to bring when living on campus?

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What to bring when living on campus?

Checklist for staying in Quarry View Residence

  • Payment for your room
  • Reservation Number
  • Transportation of your items to Quarry View Residence rooms
  • Television set for room with cable to access cable television
  • Wireless card in your computer to access the internet
  • Bed linens
  • Bath towels
  • Dishes
  • Pots and pans
  • Cleaning supplies and equipment (ie carpet sweeper, broom and dust pan, mop and bucket, toilet brush) Vacuums will be available for sign-out at the front desk.
  • laundry cleaning supplies, coin for laundry
  • Utensils and cooking implements and food
  • Calling card for long-distance calls
  • Microwave (if desired)
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How close are you?

East Academic are the closest classrooms to Quarry View.

Just a quick note to say that [my daughter] checked in to her Quarry View unit yesterday. This year, once again, we were delighted to find the rooms in very clean condition ready for occupancy! As I have said before, I have seen lots of university rooms that were apparently "ready" for the students to move in, but none have been as well cleaned and prepared as these! Thank you to you and your staff!--Happy Mother of a Student

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