Groups and Tours Stay at Brock U

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Groups and Tours Stay at Brock U

Tour Niagara --  Stay and Eat on campus May to August

Groups and School Tours can make Brock University their home base while touring Niagara. We provide a variety of accommodation choices ranging from economical to private accommodation depending on your needs and budget. 

The Brock University campus has access to the Bruce Trail system that winds its way across Canada and the campus is designated as a World Unesco Biosphere Reserve. We have are minutes from Niagara Falls and other great attractions in Niagara.  The evenings entertainment may be at the firepit located by Alphie's trough or you may request a movie night in our theatre.  There are many options to keep groups busy on and off campus.

An experience conference cooordinator can arrange food services in the dining hall in the dining hall for healthy and economical meals or boxed lunches to take off-site while on tour for the day.

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In my relationship with Brock Conference & Event Services, I have found them to be very skilled at addressing requests. Their attention to detail is outstanding and their commitment to fulfilling the vision of your event is remarkable.