Degree Programme Learning Outcomes

Master of Divinity

Graduates of the Master of Divinity programme will:

1. Religious Heritage

a. demonstrate Scriptural literacy and awareness of critical issues;
b. know and interpret major milestones in church history and doctrinal development through the ages;
c. be able to articulate clearly the Lutheran specifics from the 16th and subsequent centuries, particularly the doctrine of the Lutheran Confessions;

2. Cultural Context

a. understand and be confident in the ethos and practice of Lutheran Church-Canada (or the student's own church body);
b. be alert to contemporary Canadian secular culture (cf. I Cor. 1:18-25; 9:19-23);
c. be able to articulate the teachings and practices of other religions in the Canadian religious context (cf. Acts 17:22-34);

3. Personal & Spiritual Formation

a. demonstrate and appreciate the need for a deepening faith and devotional life (I Tim. 4:11-16);
b. demonstrate and appreciate the need to live "above reproach" (I Tim. 3:2-5), i.e., in accord with the Law of God;
c. demonstrate a compassionate and kindly approach to other people (I Pet. 5:1-5);

4. Ministry & Public Worship

a. be able to preach, teach, feed, defend, and guide the flock with skill, rightly applying the Word of God (II Tim. 4:1-5);
b. appreciate and demonstrate the need to lead as one who serves (Mt. 20:25-28);
c. have the skills and attitudes to equip members of the congregation to further the church's mission in the local community and the world (I Pet. 4:1-11).