Lutheran Theological Review

Lutheran Theological Review (ISSN 1180-0798) has been published since 1983. It is jointly produced by the two seminaries of Lutheran Church–Canada, and exists for the discussion of theological issues within the frame of confessional Lutheranism. We have now completed the process of digitising all back issues, and post each new issue as it is available. The full text of these issues may be downloaded at no cost, and is available for non-commercial use in congregations and educational institutions.

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You can search our journal through a number of online indices (such as the Index theologicus of the University of Tübingen). We are expecting to be included in the ATLA Religion Index soon.

You may also download and search our index here: LTR Index


We welcome submissions to LTR from pastors or theologians of Lutheran Church–Canada, or from those with close connections to our church body and her seminaries. Please read our Guidelines for Contributors.