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~    Open Monday to Thursday,       8:30 am to 4 pm ;  9 am - noon on Fridays.

  Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays.

~   Closed for the month of July, re-opening after the Civic holiday.  August hours are Monday to Thursday, from 9 am - 1 pm.

  All other times by appointment. Please call (905) 688-2362 Ext. 32 or email


Our library offers almost 40,000 works on theology, history, philosophy, music and  language.  The library is open to seminary students and to those studying at Brock University, as well as local clergy and church workers.  Members of the general public may also use the library but must pay a fee to obtain borrowing privileges.

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Search the Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary Library catalogue.


See a list of the latest additions to the library collection.




Find books and electronic resources at James A. Gibson Library.

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   Project Wittenberg's Lutheran Electronic Archive is home to works by and about Martin Luther and other Lutherans.



Dissertations on a table See a list of treatises, arranged alphabetically by author, published by our graduates. Use links within the table to view treatises in full-text. A reminder that treatises are for personal viewing and that reproduction or distribution is only by permission of the copyright holder (author).


It is recommended that seminary students use Oxford Style for their footnoting and bibliographies.


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  The library subscribes to almost 100 serial publications, and holds many     more in storage. Use this link to see a list of academic journals and           periodicals available in our library.


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Browse the Malinsky Memorial Archive Catalogue, home to Lutheran Church Canada East District archives.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Rare Book Collection

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Martin Chemnitz Library houses an impressive collection of rare, antiquarian books dating back to the early 16th century.  Highlights include various editions of Luther's Works, including six of the eight volumes of the Jena edition published in the mid-1500s, the entire Leipzig edition, which dates from 1729 to 1774, and the complete 24-volume set of the Walch edition, from 1740 to 1753. 

Writings by other prominent theologians of the 16th-19th century are also included in the holdings.  Authors include Johann Arndt (1555-1621), Paolo Sarpi (1552-1623), Christian Scriver (1629-1693), Philipp Jakob Spener (1635-1705), Valentine Ernst Loescher (1673-1749), and Wilhelm Loehe (1808-1872).

While these rare books are kept in a secured area of the library, they can be viewed on request. They are included in the library's online catalogue so the public can search our holdings.

From time to time, several items in the collection are brought out of storage and put on public exhibit.  Here is a link to a Brock news article about a Rare Book Display we held in September 2010.


Our Donation Policy

We welcome donations of used books to our library, however, we encourage donors to first contact us at to ensure the items being donated can be used by us.  All donations are subject to review by the Director of the Library, who determines which books are to be added to the library collection.

Booksbox of book donation chosen for the collection are given average retail values based on the used book market and donors are issued a Canadian tax receipt for that amount.  Duplicate donations, or those deemed unsuitable for the library collection, are sold as used books or otherwise disposed of and no tax receipt is issued.  Please ensure that boxes of used books brought to the library include a donor’s name, address and phone number, and indicate whether a tax receipt is desired.






Service to Persons with Disabilities

We are committed to serving all library users, regardless of ability.  One-on-one assistance will be provided to users who need help searching for library materials, retrieving materials from the shelves, or operating library equipment such as computers or photocopiers.  Users with visual disabilities can arrange to have materials or other articles photocopied or scanned in enlarged format for the self-serve price per copy.  The library also has a Smartview desktop magnifier for users with low or impaired vision to assist in the viewing of library materials.

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