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Westfield House

Annually, one Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary (CLTS) student, ordinarily of second-year M.Div. (or M.T.S.) standing, may apply for the opportunity to spend a full year in study at Westfield House, Cambridge, England. Cambridge, a lovely mediaeval town, is world famous as the home of one of the two oldest English universities. The university comprises 31 colleges, the first of which dates to 1284.

Westfield House was established in 1962 as the theological study centre of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England (ELCE), and houses as many as twenty students, both British pastoral ministry candidates and international students. Its affiliation with Fitzwilliam College gives the students access to the university and its matchless library.

Students at Westfield House combine attendance at university lectures with classes and tutorials under the Westfield faculty, consisting of the Preceptor, Tutors, and visiting scholars. Dr Thomas Winger, a former Westfield tutor, will consult with the student and Westfield to arrange an appropriate course of study and credit for the same at CLTS. While studying abroad, the student remains a full-time member of CLTS with all the concomitant privileges and responsibilities.

At Westfield House, students will also gain experience of the wider fellowship of confessional Lutheranism by participating in the life of Resurrection Lutheran Church, Cambridge, and where practicable in the ELCE as a whole. Participation in the academic and theological life of the university affords the student the opportunity to grow in his knowledge and appreciation of other traditions of historic Christianity. Application is made to Westfield House through CLTS by February 15.