Academics: Course Offerings 2012-13

Fall Semester 2012

Pre-seminary: English Bible, OT (tentative)
Pre-seminary: Survey of Church History (tentative)
Pre-seminary: GREE 1F10 New Testament Greek
EXTH 7P00 Principles of Biblical Interpretation
EXTH 7P10 Old Testament Studies I
EXTH 7P50 Old Testament III
HITH 7P00 Historical Theology I
PRTH 7P00 Worship in the Parish I
PRTH 7P20 Choir
PRTH 7P40 Advanced Preaching
PRTH 7F70 Pastoral Ministry/Practice
SYTH 7P05 Introduction to Theology
SYTH 7P07 Apologetics
SYTH 7P35 Creation to Christ
SYTH 7P50 Christian Faith and Life
SYTH 7P80 Theological Ethics

Winter Short Term 2013

GREE 1F10 New Testament Greek
SY/HITH Exegesis in the Wittenberg Way

Winter Semester 2013

Pre-seminary: English Bible, NT (tentative)
Pre-seminary: Survey of Doctrine (tentative)
Pre-seminary: HEBR 1F00 Hebrew
EXTH 7P05 Pericope Seminar
EXTH 7P30 New Testament Studies I
HITH 7P10 Historical Theology II
HITH 7P20 Historical Theology III
PRTH 7P05 Preaching in the Parish
PRTH 7P10 Catechetics
PRTH 7P20 Choir
PRTH 7F70 Pastoral Ministry/Practice
PRTH 7P80 Worship in the Parish II
SYTH 7P00 Lutheran Confessions I
SYTH 7P10 Lutheran Confessions II
SYTH 7P60 Church and Sacraments

Spring Short Term 2013

HEBR 1F00 Hebrew
PRTH 7P35 Evangelism in the Parish

Summer Short Term 2013