The deadline for applications is the 1st of June, by which point all necessary paperwork must be submitted for a student to be considered for admission the following September.

Programme Application Forms

  • Students applying for the Master of Divinity or Master of Theological Studies degree* must complete the Graduate Application.
  • Students applying for the Pastoral Programme of Lutheran Church-Canada (and sister churches) must also complete the Pastoral Application.

The application forms are provided in Adobe Acrobat format, and may be filled in electronically. Once completed, the forms may be e-mailed to the Director of Admissions. However, it is still necessary to print and sign the forms and submit them by mail to the Director of Admissions together with all necessary paperwork. These requirements are detailed in the instructions at the end of each form.

* For information about these degrees please visit the academics page.

Reference Forms

  • Applicants to a degree programme must provide two academic references who are able to testify to their ability to complete the academic work required for the degree: Academic Reference.
  • Applicants to the Pastoral Programme must supply (in addition to academic references) a reference from their home pastor  (Pastoral Reference) and a personal reference (Personal Reference). Applicants are also responsible for requesting a Letter of Commendation from their District President.

Divorced Applicants

Concordia does not discriminate on the basis of marital status when admitting to its degree programmes. However, the seminary  serves Lutheran Church-Canada in evaluating applicants to the Pastoral Programme, and is therefore obligated to abide by the standards laid down in Holy Scripture. Applicants to the Pastoral Programme who have been divorced or whose wife has been divorced must read and respond to the Divorced Applicant Admission Policy in the Academic Calendar.