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Non-Discriminatory Admission Policy

Concordia does not discriminate in its academic programmes on the basis of gender, race, colour, religious affiliation, national or ethnic origin.

Admission Requirements - MDiv/MTS

Applications for admission to the MDiv and MTS programmes, on either a full-time or a part-time basis, will be accepted from students holding a Bachelor's degree from a recognized college or university, with not less than 70 per cent (B) or second-class honours standing.

All applicants to the MDiv degree are required to have a working knowledge of biblical Hebrew and Greek (demonstrated by successful completion of one full year of undergraduate-level study in each language, or by passing a competency examination to be administered by the seminary). MTS applicants desiring to major in exegetical theology are required to have the same competency in the biblical language relevant to the testament of their choice (Greek for NT, Hebrew for OT).

Entering MDiv Students who have not successfully taken undergraduate-level theology courses will be required to undergo testing of their familiarity with the content of the Bible, basic Christian doctrine, and church history. Performance in these tests, along with scrutiny of undergraduate transcripts, will determine whether, prior to full immersion in the Master of Divinity programme, students will be required to achieve a satisfactory performance in pre-seminary courses on the English Bible, basic Christian doctrine, and rudiments of church history.

Students lacking these pre-seminary requirements will find it necessary to add one year to their course of studies, and will be considered probationary during their first year.

The deadline for applications is the 1st of June, by which point all necessary paperwork must be submitted for a student to be considered for admission the following September.  Application forms and instructions are found here.

Procedures for Entrance into the Pastoral Ministry of Lutheran Church–Canada

Students desiring to be certified for the ministerium of Lutheran Church–Canada must meet the admission requirements for the MDiv degree. During the first year of studies for the MDiv degree, a student is required to complete successfully two interviews with a committee comprised of a District President, two faculty members, and a lay representative from the student's  field work congregation. On the basis of these interviews the candidate is accepted formally into the pastoral ministry programme of Lutheran Church–Canada. All students must be further certified for vicarage and placement into the ministerium of LCC.

Distance Education Requirements

Students enrolling in courses delivered by distance education must have the necessary equipment. This includes an up-to-date computer capable of the demands of video-conferencing, a webcam and headset, a reliable broadband internet connection, and an up-to-date web browser. The student is expected to have sufficient computer competence, though seminary staff will provide technical assistance as they are able. All costs involved are to be borne by the student. Distance education courses delivered to residential students at the seminary will be provided through seminary equipment.