OneWorld Presentation

OneWorld Presentation

The OneWorld Project: is a presentation series designed to introduce people to concepts relevant to our life as citizens of a single global community. FREE

Individualism, Collectivism and the meaning of the “good life”

The world can be divided in many ways but one of the most striking is the divide between those cultures that lean toward an individualistic way of being and those with a collectivist one. Individualistic countries tend to put freedoms, rights and privacy first. People in these societies tend to overvalue their own achievements and underestimate their responsibility to any group effort. People in collective societies tend to value duty and harmony and usually consider the needs of the group to be more important than their own. In this OneWorld, we will explore these fundamental ways of knowing the world and how this may affect our thoughts about family, community, education and success.

Wednesday, March 27, 7 to 9 p.m.       
St. Catharines Multicultural Centre
85 Church St. St. Catharines


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