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I Need to Ship Via a Courier; What do I do?
Shipping a courier item through Central Receiving is a quick and easy process. Simply prepare your item as you would regular mail with only two exceptions:

The first is to attach a green courier sticker to your item with your departmental account number written on it. This helps Central Receiving to identify the item as a courier shipment and it allows Finance to bill back shipping charges to the correct department.

The second requirement is a completed Courier Request Form. The information provided here allows Central Receiving to track packages after they have left the care of the University. It also serves as a backup for the address information provided on the courier item itself. If there is a discrepancy between the addresses, Central Receiving will contact the department immediately.

How do I get Green Courier Stickers?
The green courier stickers have been in use by the University for several years and all departments should have a supply on hand. If you need more contact the mailroom at ext 3206.

How Do I Fill Out the Courier Request Form?
The Courier Request Form can be found electronically on the Brock Home Page specifically under the Central Receiving/Mail Services page. The form is available as a PDF or a Word Document. The form is very easy to fill in. There are three sections to be completed:

1. Destination Information. Here the address is filled in with street address, city, province or state, the postal code and of course the country. Please note that couriers will not deliver to post office boxes, an actual street address is required. A phone number and/or email address are also important pieces of information to include when possible. In this section, services are specified such as air or ground and special services such as 9:00 am delivery, Saturday delivery or a no signature required option. If you have any questions about services, please call Central Receiving at ext 3751 or 3511 and we will be glad to help.

2. Shipment Information. Here the contents and the value of the shipment are specified. Declared value and insured value should be the same. Also indicate here if the shipment contains dangerous goods. Documents are deemed to have no commercial value, but all non-document shipments must have a declared value.

3. Sender Information. Here departmental information is supplied. This includes the name of the person who is sending the courier (or appropriate admin assistant) the department, an extension where someone familiar with the shipment can be contacted and the departmental account number that the courier charges are to be billed to. Also in this section is space for requests and/or special instructions. A good example of this would be “please call with tracking number.”

The form should be signed and dated and submitted to Central Receiving with the actual courier shipment.

How Do I Get the Courier Item to Central Receiving?
Courier items can be picked up by Mail Services staff to be returned to Central Receiving. This requires that your courier be ready no later than your normal departmental mail pickup time. If your courier shipment is not ready by that time, it can still be brought down to Central Receiving. It needs to arrive in Central Receiving no later than 2:30 PM for it to be shipped that day.

What if I Just Can’t Have the Courier Ready by 2:30, but it Must Be Shipped that Day?
Call Central Receiving at ext 3511 or 3751 with your special circumstances as early as you can and we will do whatever we can to try to get your shipment out that day.

How Long Will my Courier Shipment Take to Arrive?
Central Receiving can get your courier shipment to virtually any North American destination the next business day, however, you must provide a street address for the recipient. Couriers will not deliver to Post Office boxes. If a P.O. box address is all we can obtain, we can ship using Canada Post Priority mail and US Priority Post, however, next day delivery is not guaranteed. Other worldwide locations can take up to 2 to 5 days for delivery. Generally the cost to ship via courier is higher for shorter delivery times. Call for options.

Does Central Receiving Package my Shipment For Me?
No, Central Receiving does not package shipments nor do we stock shipping supplies such as boxes or bubble wrap. It is the individual department’s responsibility to package their own shipments. We can offer courier type poly bags and packing tape. Some shipping materials are available at the Campus Store.

How Will I be Billed?
The Finance department will charge back all courier invoices at cost. These charges will appear on your monthly statement. The account number provided on the Courier Request Form, is the account number that will be billed.  Cash, credit/debit cards and cheques are not accepted.

Personal Shipments
Courier services are provided by Central Receiving & Mail Services for University business only.  Personal shipments may be processed at the Campus Store. 

How Do I Track a Shipment?
For shipments within Canada, tracking is available at and For shipments to the United States, tracking is available at and International tracking is also available at You will need to know the tracking number for you shipment. That information can be obtained by contacting Central Shipping/Receiving at ext 3751.

I have a Question!
If you have any questions regarding Brock’s Central Shipping/Receiving and Mail Services department, including courier inquires, please contact Kevin Lawr at ext. 3511, Greg Panas at ext 3751 or the mailroom staff at ext 3206.