Create an Interview Schedule

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Create an Interview Schedule


* To accommodate students’ academic obligations and minimize their absence from classes, on-campus interviews are preferred. At the student’s discretion and availability, arrangements may be made to accommodate on-site interviews


A) Request that the co-op office co-ordinate the interviews for you

Please email the following interview schedule information to:

  1. List of students to interview (if you haven’t already selected them on CareerZone)
  2. Name and contact information for person conducting interview
  3. Possible Interview Dates
  4. Possible Interview Times
  5. Length of Each Interview
  6. Do you need any time between interviews? Specify length (ie 5 mins)
  7. What is the earliest time an interview can begin?
  8. What is the latest time an interview can begin?
  9. Specify time and length of breaks for yourself (ie lunch)?
  10. Interview Location

a. On Campus

b. Phone or Video interviews

c. Off Campus - If interviewing off-campus, please provide the location’s address and any special directions or travel instructions


B) Create your own interview schedule on CareerZone

Coming soon!


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For further assistance, call 905-688-5550 ext. 4325, or e-mail us at



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