James Goodacre Q & A

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James Goodacre Q & A

Sector and Job Title and Key duties:

Sector: Mining

Job Title: Mine Geologist at De Beers Victor Diamond Mine in Northern Ontario.

Key Duties: Maintaining grade control through sampling and mapping; planning ore feed to process plant to achieve set targets.

Where is your hometown?

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Why do you hire Brock students?  What do you feel are some of the advantages of hiring Brock Co-op students?

We hire Brock students because they are eager to learn and are excellent at problem solving in the field, which makes them perfect candidates for the exploration and mining sector. As well, the quality of education they receive from the Earth Sciences department gives them a strong basis to build upon in the workplace and speeds up the learning process.

Advice to current co-op students?

Stay informed of current activities of the companies in the sector you wish to work in. This knowledge will come in handy when looking for work, and will show your level of dedication to a prospective employer in an interview setting.